Appointment Setting Services

We offer a monthly service in which we provide a steady stream of qualified leads to your sales team.

Better Leads, Faster

server-room-technicianOur unique appointment setting allow us to rapidly deliver sales leads to you while also increasing the quality of the lead.

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What We Do

  • Perform discovery of your sales / marketing process.
  • Identify target vertical markets.
  • We obtain calling data.
  • Investigate and manually verify each record.
  • Design direct marketing materials.
  • Mail-out marketing packages.
  • Start making ‘warm’ calls, following up on marketing mail-out.
  • Specific appointments are set for face-to-face meetings with C-level decision makers and influencers.
  • Appointment details are sent to you.

Now It’s Your Turn To:

Simply send out an invite based on the appointment details we provide, prepare your sales presentation, and then show up ready to sell!

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