Our IT Appointment Setting Process

We have a unique process for setting appointments that allows us to generate ‘warm’ leads that are ready to listen to your business presentation!

We are no longer making cold calls!

coldcalls But instead, we have converted to sending out a ‘sticky’ memorable mail-out first that causes the prospects we have qualified beforehand to be expecting our calls or even call us back!

This has caused a paradigm shift!

Our marketing allows us to rapidly deliver all the sales leads in a far shorter time frame and dramatically increasing the quality of the lead –as we are now finding more companies with top of mind needs along with those that have latent needs.

  • No More Cold Calls
  • A ‘Sticky’ Unforgettable Mailer Is Sent Out
  • No More High Pressured Appointments
  • Prospects Will Be Expecting You
  • All Appointments Can Be Set Within A Few Weeks
  • More Of The Prospects Will Have ‘Needs’ vs. ‘Wants’
  • You Can Close More IT Sales Leads, Faster!


The Bottom Line is…

Our customers are now  closing more sales in a far shorter time frame which is a great environment to actually achieve astounding revenue growth.

We offer a variety of unique IT lead generation services, including recorded call confirmations, comprehensive live sales coaching, and more!


We signed up for our first 10 leads with MSP Knowledge and after pursuing a few qualified appointment meetings, One of them has turned into a fully qualified sale for our IT assist program where we assist their IT department for about $4700 a month. We are pretty excited about it!

– Tyler Lawrence

Sample Calls

IT Appointment Setting, The Call:

Here’s proof that we know about marketing for the computer service industry. We can reach decision makers to get a solid appointment, so you can make the IT sale!

This Call Led To Big IT Sales!

Here’s another live call from our team that led to a big MSP deal for one of our customers:

IT Telemarketing Appointment Setting Call:

Technology Telemarketing Call: