Watch Your MSP Business Grow Through Team Feedback

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To create an MSP business culture of continuous improvement involves giving constructive team feedback. The reason feedback is so important is that it speeds up personal and professional growth, as well as team development. It helps your employees embrace change.

Setting Team Feedback Criteria

Once your team understands the value of constructive feedback, your leadership and team members should agree on feedback rules. A few of the basic rules for team feedback include:

• Avoid judgment
• Don’t get personal
• Discuss specific issues
• Stay positive
• Ask how you can help
• Keep it timely and honest
• Allow responses
• Highlight strengths

When you properly give your team feedback, you can create a dynamic MSP business culture that takes you and the team to a higher level.

Types of Feedback

Three types of feedback you can use with your teams are appreciation, coaching, and evaluation.

1. Appreciation

Most of your team members want to know that you appreciate their efforts. Don’t take it for granted that your team knows you appreciate what they do. Get to know your team members. Everyone is different.

While a simple “thanks” might be enough for one person, another might need more words of affirmation. Learn what kind of appreciation each team member needs and watch performance grow. Not only that, when you give feedback about how you appreciate your team, it builds trust.

2. Coaching

Once your team knows you appreciate them, you can move on to the coaching feedback. This is the time to discuss specific issues. You can coach them on ways to improve, finding solutions and helping them grow.

During coaching feedback, stay positive and don’t single out anyone for mistakes. Work as a team to learn from mistakes rather than criticizing mistakes.

3. Evaluation

Evaluation feedback lets your team know how they’re performing within your company. Have positive conversations about your expectations and how your team aligns with them.

Also, you should be willing to receive feedback from your team. Your team should never be afraid to voice their concerns and challenges during feedback sessions.

Giving and receiving constructive feedback is worth the effort. As you commit to a culture of feedback, your team can grow and change.

Meet Face-to-Face

Whenever you can, deliver feedback to your team face-to-face, rather than through email or messages. Since your team can’t see you, they can misinterpret your message. They could read negativity into something that you never meant to be negative.

Meeting in person lets your team read your body language, hear your tone and your emotional inflections. Giving feedback in person is always more dynamic because you and your team can engage each other in two-way conversations.

Develop a Culture of Positive Team Feedback

Creating an MSP business culture of team feedback promotes team awareness and transparency. It increases communication through sharing, trust, and expectations. Giving consistent feedback will increase your team’s performance.

Bryan Fuller

Bryan Fuller has been the President and Chief Executive Officer since founding Contigo Technology in May of 2013. Contigo focuses on providing state-of-the-art technology coupled with superior IT support to local Austin businesses. In addition, Bryan works to ensure that he always have enough staff to deliver lighting fast response times for his managed IT services clients in the Austin area. He works diligently to hire and train all his employees but especially help desk agents and onsite IT services technicians in Austin to provide an excellent customer service experience to clients. Bryan is also concerned with the onslaught of cyber security risk facing companies in Austin and lined up the best talent and software to combat this IT challenge. Prior to founding Contigo, Bryan had leadership roles in software companies such as SolarWinds, NetIQ, CA. Inc, and XMatters (formerly Alarmpoint). Bryan holds a B.B.A from Texas Tech University.