Overcoming Market and Competitive Noise to Position the Brand of Your MSP Company

Create Compelling Brand Stories

As an MSP Company, it’s important that you design a marketing machine continuously producing clients. One way to do that is by developing brand stories which resonate with target demographics. 


How to Design Brand Stories with the Intended Effect

Not all brand stories are created equal. Some resonate with one demographic over another. Sometimes your brand has a twofold outreach, oftentimes things are a bit more monolithic. Most SMBs start by catering to one sort of client, then expand. Still, even larger businesses are wise to design reflective brand narratives. Consider the following regardless of operational size:


Lean Into Clientele Perception

Your MSP company outreach should reflect public personas. If you’re in the “underdog” category, you could blow up. Then again, you might have a long while yet as the scrappy underdog of your tech community. Meanwhile, if you’re a larger business, you may be perceived as a local authority. Whichever of these describes you, lean into demographic perceptions for your brand story. 


Use More Than One Format

Reach out in multiple formats. SEO-enriched content optimized for visibility online makes sense. Video on websites is good, as are images. Infographics also make sense, so do little comic strips appropriately sprinkled across your site. Consultation helps determine the most appropriate formats to pursue.


Be Consistent, Show Rather Than telling

Consistency is king. Also, your story should show through its progression how your brand is beneficial, rather than telling readers outright. Lastly, have a “hero” represent your brand that is representative of primary clients–this makes it easier for them to empathize and convert.


Brand Stories That Resonate

MSP company marketing benefits from effective brand narratives. Large or small, lean into your public perception. Use multiple formats. Lastly, retain consistency in “voice”, and be sure you show instead of telling. When you do these things with a brand story that reflects clients, you’ll achieve greater resonance in brand stories.

Ravi Jain

Ravi Jain is the Chief Executive Officer for Technijian, with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Enterprise Software, HP Products, Storage, ITIL, and IT Service Management. <a href="https://technijian.com/ professional with a BS focused in Physics from University of California, Los Angeles. For over a decade, Technijian has strived to provide Fortune 500 IT Support in Orange County for the small to mid-size businesses. During this time our client base has grown from small office with less than 10 people to mid-size businesses with over 50 employees. We offer corporate wide Managed IT Services for Orange County clients with hotels all across the country as well as IT support for medical device startups here in Orange County. Regardless the size Technijian strives to deliver "Technology Support Your Way".