MSP Business Tactics to Handle Fallout from the Departure of High-Profile Personnel

When your MSP business loses one of its best employees, there’s an impact. Other employees become worried or opportunistic. The blame game will be played. As a tech group, you may lose personnel to competitors, which could mean the loss of one employee leads to the loss of many.


Put Personnel First–They’re Your Most Valuable Asset

You need to design operations preemptively to handle such situations and be proactive about managing your team after such a loss. One of the best things you can do is put personnel first–they are your most valuable asset, after all. Here are tips to help you do this:


Your Company’s Vision Must Be Clear

When your MSP business has a clear operational vision, this is communicated to new-hires directly and reinforced by their peers. When there’s no vision, and a big player leaves, everyone’s even more confused. Establish a clear company vision for personnel from the outset, and the loss of an employee will be less impacting. 


Ensure Employees Understand Purpose

The purpose individual workers have in your MSP hearkens back to your operational vision. Even a janitor does work fundamental to the workings of your MSP. He or she may even have to clean hardware, and that requires careful attention to detail.

Be sure all employees understand and appreciate their specific purpose. This expands retention, reduces attrition, and helps maintain operational fortitude during losses as duties of vacated personnel are effectively divvied up until a new position develops. 


Empower Personnel Through Education, Recognition, and Promotion

Educate employees, recognize their success, properly promote them when they deserve it. Don’t recognize or promote employees if they don’t deserve it; this makes others feel you’re playing favorites, or that “recognition” means nothing. You’re looking to empower, not embitter. Consultation helps reveal other methods of empowerment here. 


Handling Employee Vacancy

When your MSP business empowers employees through recognition and promotion, communicates clear purpose and establishes a reliable vision, personnel are likely to stick around longer. You’ll lose fewer workers, but if you do, you’ll be better able to handle the impact.

Paul Rios

Paul Rios is an IT Manager at Riverfy, A Santa Clara based IT company with years of experience and a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Network Design, Clustering, SAN Storage, Disaster Recovery & More Paul Rios is a professional with a BS in Commerce, Finance from Santa Clara University, California. For over 20 years, Riverfy has had hands-on experience in meeting different technological needs of the small to midsize businesses in the Santa Clara area. During this time Riverfy's services have grown from network, computer and software installations, to an all-encompassing IT help desk, our comprehensive range of services allows businesses use time and energy to focus on getting new prospects, closing sales, improving customer relationships and finding new sources of profit. . We offer corporate wide Managed IT Services for Santa Clara clients as well as IT support used by CPA firms through Santa Clara. Regardless the size Riverfy's goal is to deliver "Technology Support For You".