Avoiding Common Managed Services Marketing Myths That Undermine ROI

Believe the Right Things About Marketing

Managed services marketing is something you absolutely must have. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation going around about the best ways to market and the sort of things which you should or shouldn’t take into account. 


Avoiding the Myths

To avoid being taken in by misconceptions, consultation with SEO groups that have a history of providing real solutions for MSPs can be a good tactic. They’re likely to advise you of several trends which keep MSPs from being successful. Several common misconceptions include these:


There’s No Budget to Market

Managed services marketing always has a budget. Sometimes you don’t even have to spend money. Open an instagram account and start posting single-panel comics your demographic likes. The Far Side came from San Francisco, many in Silicon Valley love that kind of stuff. Be creative. Gamify outreach if you can by offering incentives that are tiered. You’ve got resources you don’t realize; if you don’t market, you’ll have less profit. The truth is, you can’t afford not to market.


B2B Clients Don’t Require Marketing

Many B2B clients are converted over the course of regular operations. However, even clients acquired through regular business interaction must be “upsold” incrementally. This will be good for you and them in the long-run. If you don’t market to them, you’ll lose that potential revenue. 


Competitors Don’t Market, and We’re Unique Enough to Make It Work

Your competitors may not market. Who cares? Also, you’re not so unique as you may think. You might even have a local competitor just like you that you’re unaware of. Market, because distinction is often less important than visibility to bottomlines.  


Honing the Effectiveness of Marketing Techniques

Managed services marketing needs to be pursued regardless of competitors, your uniqueness, how many B2B clients represent core profit, or your budget. There’s always money somewhere, and what you spend will be collected in ROI with proper strategy. 

Paul Rios

Paul Rios is an IT Manager at Riverfy, A Santa Clara based IT company with years of experience and a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Network Design, Clustering, SAN Storage, Disaster Recovery & More Paul Rios is a professional with a BS in Commerce, Finance from Santa Clara University, California. For over 20 years, Riverfy has had hands-on experience in meeting different technological needs of the small to midsize businesses in the Santa Clara area. During this time Riverfy's services have grown from network, computer and software installations, to an all-encompassing IT help desk, our comprehensive range of services allows businesses use time and energy to focus on getting new prospects, closing sales, improving customer relationships and finding new sources of profit. . We offer corporate wide Managed IT Services for Santa Clara clients as well as IT support used by CPA firms through Santa Clara. Regardless the size Riverfy's goal is to deliver "Technology Support For You".