A Brief IT Marketing Guide to Help Measure ROI from Social Media

IT marketing efforts that utilize social media must also be careful to measure their outreach in this regard. Return on investment (ROI) is calculable as pertains to social media, though doing so may not be entirely straightforward.


Determining Social Media ROI


It’s recommended to consult with SEO groups that commonly focus on MSP companies as their core clientele. Such groups are likely going to advise that you measure social media ROI like this:


  • Carefully track your progress
  • Determine solid objectives and effective KPIs
  • Use social media analytics like Facebook insights to track clicks


Carefully Track Your Progress


IT marketing must track social media progress. In part, this can be done by tracking comments, likes, friend requests, and mentions of your company by others on social media. Still, different businesses will interface with different aspects of social media which may or may not be revelatory. 


Determine Solid Objectives and Effective KPIs


To effectively track your progress, you need two things. Think of it like triangulation: you’ve got to have at least two points to plot the third. You need to have realistic objections that are solid and attainable, and you need to determine relevant key performance indicators, or KPIs, toward such objectives. Again, consultation can be key in finding your balance here. 


Use Social Media Analytics Like Facebook Insights to Track Clicks


Certain social media platforms will have available analytics worth making use of in order to determine operational effectiveness. Facebook Insights is a great example of click-tracking analytics.


There are different kinds of tracking solutions out there for different social media, and the right SEO group may even provide your MSP with idiosyncratic solutions specific to your business. 


Determining How Effective Social Media Campaigns Are


IT marketing needs to track ROI in terms of social media. Doing this will be more effective through analytics solutions like Facebook Insights, determination of effective objectives, establishment of relevant KPIs, and keeping careful track of your MSP’s progress going forward. Tactics like these should help you accurately determine ROI.

Ravi Jain

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