The Benefits of Email Marketing Automation in MSP Marketing

MSP marketingAs part of your MSP marketing strategy, email marketing has the ability to reach a wide audience with your marketing message. If you script these emails just right for your target audience, they can make a significant impact and bring in more business. By automating this process, your business can actually achieve a more personalized and better-timed approach. What this automation entails— and the benefits— are looked at in greater depth in the rest of this post.

Why You Should Take Advantage of Email Marketing Automation

What does automation mean for your MSP marketing? Despite the name, it does not mean that the emails sent out are detached and sound as though they were written by a robot. What automation does is to allow the timing of the emails you send out as an IT services business to be more tactfully timed. This effectively means that emails are sent out based on the current state of your relations with a potential client or lead. Their activities such as visiting your website, following you on social media, and the like are the triggers for the kind of email to send to them. This is the essence of the automation, and it allows greater personalization to the businesses that are showing some level of interest in your managed IT services.

The very same idea of using specific triggers to determine which emails to send when also extends to your current client base. Some of the automated emails that you might want to send out include welcome emails, request for feedback emails, emails to re-engage with older clients, and even emails about new promotions and add-on services that relate specifically to a subset of your clientele.

To bring all these ideas together, here is a summary of the benefits your business can reap when you start using email automation:

  • It allows you to create email lists that are more segmented according to specific levels and criteria in your user data. Once these measures and parameters are set, your email lists can update automatically.
  • It allows you to engage better with potential and existing customers. When you deliver meaningful emails to your targets, they are more likely to respond to this well-timed, personalized content.
  • It saves time from the manual processes of email marketing. You can make your CRM processes more efficient in addition to becoming more effective.

Ultimately, the recipients of your emails want personalization and value. If you can achieve this with your MSP marketing, you are more likely to get the responses you are hoping for. Email marketing automation gives you the tools and ability to send high-impact emails to the right people at the right time and can be invaluable to your business.

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Ravi Jain

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