MSP Business Tips to Make Marketing Leads More Desirable to Sales Departments

An MSP business must necessarily have multiple layers to its outreach and acquisitions departments. You need marketing, public relations, sales, management, and more. Unfortunately, diversification of departments predicates diversification of specialty. Following are several negative traits of leads taken from marketing departments and sent to sales:

Marketing Should Only Send Qualified Leads to Sales

The MSP business marketing strategies you use to reach new prospects should have sales referral strategies built in, but they must be strategically modified. If you think a sale might be in the wings, qualify it through scoring leads, and determining you’re talking to someone who has buying power. Essentially, marketing is going to do everything but make the sale, then zip it off to sales. Marketing isn’t always that straightforward though. There are so many ways to market a business, so it’s important to find the correct one for each business individually. Perhaps it’s best if businesses get in contact with their local digital marketing company. For example, businesses in Colorado should look for Colorado advertising agencies that can help them to grow their businesses with a range of different marketing techniques, like TV advertisements or radio marketing.

Ensure Leads Sent to Sales are Legitimately Interested

If marketing departments are engaging with leads, they’ll be able to determine interest. All leads shouldn’t be sent to sales, because sometimes clients submit information for reasons collateral to conversion. 

When Marketing Sends Leads to Sales, They Should Be “Hot”

If you’ve had leads at the bottom of a priority list for a while, but no new ones have come, that doesn’t mean you send them to sales. Ensure there’s some qualification trending toward conversion. Pain points and expansion of operations among leads are great indicators they may convert. 

More Potential Conversions from Better Marketing Lead Management

An MSP business which trains marketing departments in means of qualifying leads before sending them to sales will enable increased conversions. It will be easier for clients to get service, and you’ll be able to more effectively manage outreach divisions. Marketers can focus on marketing and sellers on conversion. Send sales people hot, interested, qualified leads.

Ravi Jain

Ravi Jain is the Chief Executive Officer for Technijian, with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Enterprise Software, HP Products, Storage, ITIL, and IT Service Management. <a href=" professional with a BS focused in Physics from University of California, Los Angeles. For over a decade, Technijian has strived to provide Fortune 500 IT Support in Orange County for the small to mid-size businesses. During this time our client base has grown from small office with less than 10 people to mid-size businesses with over 50 employees. We offer corporate wide Managed IT Services for Orange County clients with hotels all across the country as well as IT support for medical device startups here in Orange County. Regardless the size Technijian strives to deliver "Technology Support Your Way".