Key Elements of B2B Marketing Your MSP Business Might Want to Consider

Your MSP business needs to consider business to business (B2B) strategy as a means of fostering sustainable profitability. Many of your best clients will be peers in technology. 

Some will be vendors, some will be friends, some will have been competitors. Neglecting the B2B market is leaving money on the table. Following are a few basic tactics which are often applied to B2C sales, but would likely do well in B2B outreach putsches, as well: 


Nurturing of Leads 

Your MSP business must nurture B2B leads just as it would traditional ones. The difference is that you don’t have to depend so heavily on a professional veneer. When you’re dealing with fellow business clients, you can put everything on the table and dispense with any subterfuge. 

Know your numbers, know the value you bring, know the pain points B2B prospects are contending with, and check in with them at intervals. You need to differentiate B2B clients from B2C clients, and don’t forget the promotional element. 

B2B clients are usually larger than B2C clients, meaning a conversion yields greater long-term profitability. Accordingly, discounts on the front end will be more than matched on the back end.  


Evaluation of Content 

You need to have content which resonates with professional clients in modern business. Keywords are essential, local language and SEO-optimization is, as well. 

Something that can really help is comparing and contrasting businesses similar to targets which have accepted your services and the positive outcomes they’ve experienced. 


Defining Audiences and Scoring Leads 

Who, specifically, is the B2B audience most likely to buy from your MSP? Figure this out, then organize your leads by their likelihood of purchasing your products or services. 

Many lead scoring factors exist which aren’t always straightforward. Working with SEO companies that serve MSPs can help you find the most relevant information here.  


More Effective B2B Marketing 

When your MSP business defines its B2B audience, scores leads appropriately, evaluates content, and nurtures leads, you’ll likely see an increased conversion rate.  

Lliam Holmes

Lliam’s experience in the IT industry spans over 25 years. He has served as a field tech, systems engineer, project manager, software developer and business consultant for FORTUNE 500 companies and many other businesses (including Nokia Cellular, NAPA Auto Parts, Eli Lilly, HGTV, Crozer-Keystone Hospitals, Bethco Inc., Optima Technologies and BravePoint), and chief executive officer. In 1995, Lliam founded MIS Solutions, Inc. in Suwanee, Ga., to help small Gwinnett County businesses leverage their technology to grow and achieve their goals. Today he architects Managed IT and Cloud Strategies strategies to help simplify technology, increase productivity and deliver a competitive edge for small companies in the Atlanta metro area plus they now provide local IT Services and IT Support in Orange County as they now have an Orange County IT Support office— this locations allows them to provide local IT consultant services to Los Angeles. In Addition, through the addition of affiliate offices in Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles Boston, Clarkston, Mass., and its partner network, MIS provides coverage in all 50 states. MIS Solutions is focused on helping companies with 10 to 150 computers on their network. We provide a fixed-fee approach to ensure that your network and technology "just work". Some of our core industries are insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, law firms and CPA's. MIS Solutions provides both on premise (in your office) and private cloud solutions. For more information about MIS Solutions, visit: or email me at: