Qualities to Ensure Your MSP Company Stays Competitive

MSP companyAdvancement of tech knowledge has resulted in many organisations looking for IT solutions that will improve the efficiency of their service delivery. They are also torn between hiring an in-house professional or partnering with an MSP company. This has resulted in stiff competition for professionals and businesses offering IT solutions. To survive in this market, you need to ensure that your business offers valuable services to customers. In addition, you should focus on improving the following characteristics:

Nippy Response Time and Availability

Any business wants to work with an MSP that is quick to respond to any arising situation. You need to guarantee your clients that you will be available 24/7. You should also specify how long it will take you to act upon an arising issue. Always remember that your client depends on your speed to minimise any downtime. At least ensure that your response timeframe is not too long and that you always have someone in place to solve the problem.

Your IT Business Should Be Scalable

As an MSP company, your services should scale with the needs of your clients. Some of the most crucial forms of your scalability include:

  • Functionality – this means you should be able to effortlessly add a new operation to your clients’ system.
  • Administrative – you should be able to cater for the clients’ needs in terms of stakeholders that need to be added to their computer network.
  • Load – consider how much your system can expand to accommodate the needs of your clients in the future in terms of users and workload. Alternatively, your system should be easily modified to match clients’ needs.
  • Geographic – your clients are bound to grow and expand and may open offices in new localities. As a good service provider, you need to ensure that this expansion doesn’t interfere with your client’s system performance.

Have Up-To-Date Technology

It is your responsibility to ensure that you offer technological services that meet the needs of your customers. You should be able to offer virtual support in terms of:

  • Application management
  • Infrastructure
  • Storage
  • End-user computing
  • Colocation

Centralised Customer Service Support

One way to show your customers that you value their success is by having a customer-centric support. This confirms to your customer that you can meet the agreed response time in case of any glitches. It also gives the customer the assurance that you can adequately monitor their operations, hence curb any possible glitches.

Businesses nowadays are taking the task of hiring an MSP company very seriously. They are also knowledgeable on what features to look before hiring, as well as the right question to ask when choosing an IT partner. With so many businesses offering such services, you need to understand the needs of clients so as to improve your service delivery.

Vin Jauhal

Vin Jauhal has succeeded in the I.T. industry for over 20 years as M.D. of Wem Technology, confidently helping businesses grow through the strategic use of innovative technology and an ability to see things from the customer’s point of view. He has a demonstrated history of driving forward the technology industry with strong expertise in London IT Consulting, Security, Cloud, Telecoms, Licensing, Infrastructure and Service Management. As an award-winning, early adopter at the forefront of innovation, Vin has consistently been ahead of the curve in providing leading-edge managed IT services in London to help give businesses a strategic advantage, and his experience has helped many companies grow significantly, often in very short timeframes. With an educational background in Management, Computer Science and Economics, he is noted for his creativity and innovative thinking when helping organizations to meet their objectives. As past Chairman, President and Executive Council Member of the Kensington & Chelsea Chamber of Commerce since 2000, he has been actively helping businesses succeed on a purely voluntary basis. Wem Technology is now one of the leading London IT companies with a highly qualified and experienced team assisting many small and large companies, both in London and internationally, with their technology requirements. As Microsoft Gold Certified Partners and Cloud Solution Providers, they have been designing and implementing the latest Office 365 migration in London to help businesses digitally transform for over 20 years. They help organizations expand and increase their performance through improved London IT outsourcing services.