MSP Business Tips to Encourage Employee Morale Without Raises

An MSP business will necessarily represent an expensive outreach. Keeping pace with tech trends is difficult enough, and then there are varying legal liabilities to consider. The tightest financial ship will be best able to ford the tech seas. Unfortunately, the cost of new employees is very high, and if you don’t give them raises, you may lose them. 

There are legitimate non-monetary incentives; these could help you mature investment in staff, should raises be out of the question presently. Following are considerable non-monetary incentive techniques to retain employees: 


Life Should Be Prioritized Above Work 

An MSP business will likely have passionate employees, but coding isn’t so desirable a life as that which accompanies raising a family or designing artistically-centered software. Your employees work for you to achieve life goals. Accordingly, building employee management around helping them meet those goals will encourage them to stick around over the long-haul. This type of management can be helped along by using resources such as rostering software to make everything clean and up-to-date so that employees know where they stand and what their management are doing to support them.   


Exercise the Highest Possible Management Transparency 

Tell the truth and be transparent. When things are good, say so. When they’re not, do the same. An employee working a job that prioritizes their home life, and which transparently tells the truth, is an employee less likely to leave. This individual knows what to expect from you and that you can be trusted. Some areas don’t allow transparency. For every other area, be as clear as possible.  


Recognize Good Work and Be Sure to Visibly Reward It 

Don’t only recognize errors. Recognize when employees do well, and publicly reward them in front of the rest of your staff. This acts as a morale booster for the employee who has done well, and anyone who sees your recognition.  


Maturing Investment in Employees 

An MSP business that prioritizes lifestyle, manages transparently and recognizes commendable behavior will likely retain employees longer. Look into what your workers want and what they need. Meet their needs, and do what they want if it’s feasible to. 

Vincent Tedesco

Vincent Tedesco is the President and the CEO of Total Technology Solutions, a full-service IT solutions provider distinguished by broad expertise in managed IT services in Long Island and a singular focus on the needs of their clients. Vincent has over 30 years of experience as an IT leader, from his early years beginning at Computerland and to founding and growing Total. He founded Total in 1988 and spearheaded its evolution in the ever-changing technology marketplace by providing consulting and IT support in Long Island. Total Technology’s mission is to secure and to have IT support in Suffolk with reliable solutions and exceptional service so that Total clients can focus on their core business.