Managed Services Marketing Strategies to Increase Mobile Effectiveness

managed services marketingYou must consider the mobile component of today’s marketplace in your managed services marketing. More people access the web through mobile means than traditional desktop interaction today. That trend is likely going to increase, as mobile web use has come to characterize modern life. Accordingly, whatever outreach strategies you employ should be rock-solid in terms of mobile outreach effectiveness. Following are a few tips to help you achieve such an outcome:

Ensure You’re Operating from SEO Best Practices Including Mobile Strategy

Managed services marketing shouldn’t be approached through trial-and-error in terms of mobile outreach. The only time this is appropriate would be when no known means of capitalizing on a new marketing channel have been established. While there are new frontiers in mobile climes, SEO agencies have real numbers pertaining to effective mobile outreach strategies.

There are marketing groups which have specialty in providing such solutions for MSPs primarily. Work with such groups in either a direct or consultative capacity to help line out the most effective SEO strategy in terms of mobile optimization. You’ll want relevant keywords that are localized, properly-sized paragraphs, touchscreen interface, and much more.

Design Content First for Mobile, and Secondly for Desktop Interface

Since mobile interface has overtaken desktop interface in terms of web utility, it should be a primary focus of forward digital marketing strategy. Don’t neglect other channels, but make those which are most contemporary your primary focus. This may shift to some new echelon of mobile tech in the future; keep that in mind. You may have to pivot a few times over the next decade or so.

Compose Email Marketing That’s Optimized for Mobile Use

Email marketing must be optimized for mobile use, as well. Basically, you don’t want graphics interfaces which clash with screen-sizes on mobile devices. Additionally, you must have appropriate fonts and text management applied. You’ll want balanced white space. Images and video can be good, but can clog bandwidth, and may not be visible to someone using the web on their smartphone.

Also, whatever landing pages the email may lead to must have mobile optimization in evidence. Ideally, a prospect should be able to sign onto applicable services or buy certain products while riding the subway home from work.

Ensure that the times you send emails conform to patterns of mobile use. You don’t want to send emails out when prospects aren’t likely to read them. Also, you shouldn’t inundate them. Personalization and strategic sending can be key.

Optimizing Your Mobile Outreach

In your managed services marketing, you should ensure emails are mobile-friendly, ultimately incorporating outreach designed first for mobile use, and secondly for less mainstream channels. Inform all mobile optimization strategy with best practices. Avoid trial-and-error. Instead, you could be better served in going for tried-and-tested strategies like burst campaigns, rank management, ASO, etcetera to supplement your conventional outreach methods. Fortunately, there are many app marketing platforms (AdAction being one of them) that offer these services to interested clientele. Such tactics should help your mobile marketing strategy yield increased conversion.

Bryan Fuller

Bryan Fuller has been the President and Chief Executive Officer since founding Contigo Technology in May of 2013. Contigo focuses on providing state-of-the-art technology coupled with superior IT support to local Austin businesses. In addition, Bryan works to ensure that he always have enough staff to deliver lighting fast response times for his managed IT services clients in the Austin area. He works diligently to hire and train all his employees but especially help desk agents and onsite IT services technicians in Austin to provide an excellent customer service experience to clients. Bryan is also concerned with the onslaught of cyber security risk facing companies in Austin and lined up the best talent and software to combat this IT challenge. Prior to founding Contigo, Bryan had leadership roles in software companies such as SolarWinds, NetIQ, CA. Inc, and XMatters (formerly Alarmpoint). Bryan holds a B.B.A from Texas Tech University.