5 Ways to Develop a Quarterly MSP Marketing Review

MSP marketingDeveloping a quarterly MSP marketing review is essential to measuring and tracking your marketing plan. You must always continue to look for ways to reach new customers, and periodically reviewing your marketing plan is a great way to improve your outreach. These marketing reviews can help you identify specific trends and play a key role in enabling your IT company to expand into new areas.

Here are just five steps to create an effective marketing review plan for your IT company:

1. Set Marketing Goals

The first step in creating a quarterly marketing review plan is to set long-term and short-term goals for your IT company. Each one of these goals should have a measurable outcome, whether you are looking to attract new leads or increase brand awareness of your company by focusing on SEO strategies. Ultimately, these marketing goals will give your IT company much-needed direction, and it is key to the success of any marketing plan.

2. Identify Most Impactful Marketing Strategies

The next step is to identify which MSP marketing strategies that have the most effect on your business. For example, it is always a great idea to ask clients how they find out about your IT company. You can also add this question on any contact form; this will give you valuable information on the most impactful marketing strategies you can use.

3. Develop a Marketing Budget

Creating and staying within your marketing budget is also key to a successful marketing strategy. Of course, the needs of each IT company is always unique, as one IT provider may focus more on inbound marketing, while another IT support company focuses on social media marketing. Understanding the needs of your company can help you create a budget, and it is always a good idea to review your marketing budget every quarter.

4. Determine the Highest ROI

Always reviewing each marketing strategy can help you determine which offers the highest return on investment. Typically, you want to have at least three times return, or the marketing strategy isn’t worth the extra effort. Collecting the data for each marketing strategy will enable you to determine which marketing plan is the most profitable and if you need to make any changes.

5. Analyze Final Results

The final step in a quarterly marketing review is to analyze the final results. Looking at each activity will help you determine which strategies are successful and if you need to make any changes. Examining the final results will help you focus on the best marketing campaigns to invest in and can transform your marketing strategy into even higher levels of success.

Following these steps to create an MSP marketing campaign is essential in today’s competitive workplace. Always reviewing your marketing strategy every quarter will allow you to identify which plans work and if you need to make any changes to ensure that your IT company is always growing and reaching new clients.

Vincent Tedesco

Vincent Tedesco is the President and the CEO of Total Technology Solutions, a full-service IT solutions provider distinguished by broad expertise in managed IT services in Long Island and a singular focus on the needs of their clients. Vincent has over 30 years of experience as an IT leader, from his early years beginning at Computerland and to founding and growing Total. He founded Total in 1988 and spearheaded its evolution in the ever-changing technology marketplace by providing consulting and IT support in Long Island. Total Technology’s mission is to secure and to have IT support in Suffolk with reliable solutions and exceptional service so that Total clients can focus on their core business.