3 Ways to Make Your MSP Business Healthier 

When an MSP business is healthy, it’s going to be more profitable. Health means many things. You should be making more than you spend. You should be expanding. Employees should stick around. Employee management may be your most important consideration. Following are three ways to ensure employees in your MSP have a healthy work relationship with you and colleagues: 


1. Be the Example Inspiring Your Team 

An MSP business will only be as occupationally “healthy” as those leading it. If managers routinely make unethical choices, don’t show up on time, and bend the rules, there should be no surprise when employees practice the same behavior. After all, if the people at the top are doing that, why wouldn’t those just beneath them? As the old saying goes, you’ve got to practice what you preach.  


2. Make Sure Employees Know of Available Psychological Health Benefits 

Many benefits are often available for your employees. Some of them involve mental therapy options. Oftentimes, employees forget they have access to such resources and elect instead to simply bear what difficulties assail them. Constantly remind employees of benefits; see that they use them. Healthy, fit, happy employees are key to profitability for your MSP.  


3. Ensure All on Your Team Understand That They Belong  

You wouldn’t hire someone you didn’t need; it’s much too expensive. The majority of MSPs are classified as SMBs, owing to the fact that less than 100 people generally make up their staff. 

Every single one is important, but not every one of them knows it. Find ways of recognizing employees for what good they do and the part they play in the mechanism of your operation.  


A Clean Bill of Workplace Health 

An MSP business which recognizes employees shows them they matter. When you ensure they use available benefits and lead by example, you set your MSP up to succeed from the very core of operations.  


Herbert Olitsky

Herbert Olitsky is the founder of HOCS Consulting. A fast growing IT consultant firm based in New York City . HOCS Consulting provides IT services to clients in New York City and helps them choose, implement, and manage IT and cloud solutions that are cost effective and reliable. HOCS Consulting’s pro-active approach to IT support in New York City is ideally suited for companies who depend on reliable IT infrastructure, but don’t want to spend a lot of money to keep your IT services that way.