Tips on How to Improve Your MSP Business Lead Management

MSP businessAttracting leads and nurturing them so that they become valued customers is essential for your MSP business. It is well known that in order to attract leads you usually have to dangle some bait under the potential clients’ noses. However, knowing what to do with them when they get in touch is more than half the battle. Try some of these tips so that you are concentrating on the leads that will be the most suitable for you and can close the deal with those perfect customers:


Enticing clients into a sales funnel for your MSP business is the easy part. If you can encourage potential customers to get in touch with you for free information, to download an ebook or some other enticement, you need to be able to decide which of these customers should be the ones you concentrate your time on. It can be useful to make your sign-up form quite specific so that they can tell you a little about themselves upfront. For example, if you are looking for companies from a specific industry or if they need to be of a certain size, ask them outright at the start. In this way, you can discount some that may not be worth wasting your time with.


Once you have established which of your new leads to concentrate on, it is time to nurture and look after your prospective customers. What is sometimes forgotten is that these leads are just people, and if you create a good working relationship with them, you will be better placed to persuade them to buy your products or services.

Following Up

Keeping thorough notes of where the client is in the nurturing process and what has already been sent and said to them can help you make sure that you don’t bother them unnecessarily. The worst thing you can do once you find a lead is to bombard them with too many emails which will begin to annoy them. There is a happy medium to aim for as sending them too few emails has the opposite effect, allowing them to put you out of their mind or forget about you completely. Keeping in touch just often enough so familiarity is maintained but without overloading their inbox will allow you to gently persuade them that your solutions, products, and services are the right ones for them.

Having successful lead management is vitally important for the continued success of your MSP business. It is imperative that you and your staff find great quality leads that can be nurtured and turned into lucrative and valued customers. Following these tips should enable you to seek out the best opportunities so that you aren’t wasting time on leads that either won’t come to fruition or would be the wrong fit for your business. If you are more selective initially, your hard work will be more directed which will then give you better results.

Vin Jauhal

Vin Jauhal has succeeded in the I.T. industry for over 20 years as M.D. of Wem Technology, confidently helping businesses grow through the strategic use of innovative technology and an ability to see things from the customer’s point of view. He has a demonstrated history of driving forward the technology industry with strong expertise in London IT Consulting, Security, Cloud, Telecoms, Licensing, Infrastructure and Service Management. As an award-winning, early adopter at the forefront of innovation, Vin has consistently been ahead of the curve in providing leading-edge managed IT services in London to help give businesses a strategic advantage, and his experience has helped many companies grow significantly, often in very short timeframes. With an educational background in Management, Computer Science and Economics, he is noted for his creativity and innovative thinking when helping organizations to meet their objectives. As past Chairman, President and Executive Council Member of the Kensington & Chelsea Chamber of Commerce since 2000, he has been actively helping businesses succeed on a purely voluntary basis. Wem Technology is now one of the leading London IT companies with a highly qualified and experienced team assisting many small and large companies, both in London and internationally, with their technology requirements. As Microsoft Gold Certified Partners and Cloud Solution Providers, they have been designing and implementing the latest Office 365 migration in London to help businesses digitally transform for over 20 years. They help organizations expand and increase their performance through improved London IT outsourcing services.