Tactics to Help Your MSP Company More Effectively Retain Clients

Your MSP company should plan for the long term. You don’t want clients to come to you then leave as quick as they showed up. Instead, you want clients that come to you and forge a relationship which lasts as long as you can make it laugh. 

One client that pays you $5k a month for 20 years will produce $1.2 million in revenue before you subtract what it costs you to serve them. Fifty clients paying you $4k for one month per customer only produce $200k before expenses. The one is more profitable than the fifty. Following, three tactics will be considered as means of helping you retain clients: 


Maintain Qualitative Service 

Your MSP company must firstly provide services that are worthwhile for clientele. If you’re actually benefiting them, you’re facilitating a win-win. The thing is, competitors will try to undercut you. Try to find ways of outmaneuvering them. Always ensure you’re providing the best possible quality you can for clientele.  


Tell Them You Can Do Less, Then Do More 

If you know you can provide a high level of success in a tech outcome, undersell just how high that success is for the client, then deliver more than they were expecting. This makes you look downright professional and quite valuable. Clients want to stick with MSPs that overdeliver. 


Provide Loyalty Discounts and Services Over Time 

When you’ve had customers long enough, show them you care by giving them discounts. Maybe give them X service after Y amount of years for free, or something similar. Find ways to provide a true benefit that doesn’t cost you, and do communicate your value of clients to them. 


Keep Customers Around 

An MSP company that provides loyalty discounts, over-delivers on expectations, and always has quality output is an IT business that will retain clients longer. Figure out ways of facilitating high quality service for your clientele, and they’ll stick around.