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IT Marketing Tips to Help Induce Curiosity

IT marketing needs to focus on naturally drawing in clients. People respond to that which intrigues them. They become naturally curious. This is a component of humanity you would do well to capitalize on. Following are several techniques to help you do just this: 


Have an Internal Team Get “Curious” in Terms of Research About Buyers 

IT marketing informed with data can more effectively reach target clientele. It makes sense to have an internal team devoted to researching your clientele and determining what drives them. You might identify a pain point, then design marketing intended to draw clients experiencing such issues to you. 


Storytelling Techniques Resonate–Don’t Neglect Them 

People like stories, especially ones with protagonists who reflect them in one way or another. Luke Skywalker carried the original Star Wars films specifically because he was archetypal to the young man. You want content outreach likewise optimized around your ideal clientele. Think of it as the “Hero’s Journey” of outsourced tech support provision. Research and outsourced marketing solutions help identify key features of such prospects. 


Focus on Buyers Over Competition 

Competition is exercising techniques similar to these as they go about seeking clients. Their outreach methods will likely be built around their own metrics. Those metrics will differ to some degree from yours. If you just copy competition, it’s very unlikely you will be as successful. A better approach is keeping as many relevant numbers pertaining to existing clientele as possible. Such buyer-centered outreach is more likely to entice them than some secondhand tactic. 


Facilitating More Effective Outreach 

IT marketing ought to focus on buyers, use storytelling techniques, and research buyers carefully. Such tactics are recommendable in naturally facilitating demographic curiosity. When potential clients are curious, they come to you; and when they come to you, they’re more likely to be converted. 

Scott Anderton

Mr. Anderton is the managing partner of an IT Support & Managed IT Services provider based in Orlando, ION247. ION247 is also one of the best IT Companies in Orlando that focuses on providing state-of-the-art and the surrounding area. Prior to starting ION247, Mr. Anderton held the position of Vice President for NTT Data Inc. the 6th Largest Information Technology (IT) service provider in the world with operations in 35 countries and over $16B in revenues. Mr. Anderton managed relationships and client engagements in Financial Services, Healthcare and Public Sector verticals in the Southeast US. Prior to NTT Data, Mr Anderton was a Vice President for the Revere Group. The Revere Group is a business management and information technology consulting company with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. In this position, Scott partnered with client CxOs, primarily in the Southeast market, to maximize investments in technology. Mr. Anderton has more than 25 years of business and Managed IT Services experience in Orlando. He has led multiple IT Strategy engagements and served as an interim CIO for several NTT Data and Revere Group clients. The first 10 years of his career were with Fortune 500 companies AT&T and Sprint. His positions included Manager of many like Advanced Network Services and Director of Systems Engineering. Prior to his role with the Revere Group, Mr. Anderton was President and founder of Technology Management Solutions (TMSI), a technology management consulting firm providing outsourced information technology services in the small and medium business markets. TMSI was acquired by the Revere Group in 2006, when Mr. Anderton joined as a principal. In addition to his technical background, Mr. Anderton has expertise in strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, business process design, IT due diligence, and IT Organizational Change Management, and Transition Services Agreement execution. Mr. Anderton received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Computer Information Systems from the University of Florida in 1990. He also has completed the Executive Management program at the Crummer Graduate School of Business, Rollins College. He resides in Orlando Florida with his wife Lisa and 3 children. You can click here to visit the website.