Using Behavioral Data to Maximize IT Marketing Effectiveness

IT marketing stands to benefit from ubiquitous data being continuously expanded through tech innovation. Cloud computing, IoT, Edge Computing, mobile computing, the looming decentralized internet, and more are making it possible to construct a digital picture of the world which reveals patterns and truths otherwise invisible. 

In terms of client outreach, such strategic methodologies can prove essential in maintaining competitive viability. Following are several behavioral data considerations you may want to incorporate into your IT marketing efforts: 


All Clientele Interact with Your Brand Individually 

You need to respect individuality in terms of interaction. Granted, there are trends you can tap into, but there are always going to be individual differences from one client to another. As an MSP, you’re not going to be at a point where you have too many clients to keep close tabs on right out the gate. You’ll likely have under a hundred primary clients for years. So, keep close data on them, and you’ll be able to predict their needs, and better optimize upgrading/upselling over time. 


Certain Clientele are More Likely to Do X over Y 

If you’ve got a number of clients in retail, and a number of clients in education, you can expect to find patterns which conform to either group more or less. You need to look at clients as individuals, but don’t neglect to follow group behavior segues.  


Tracking User Interactions Can Reveal Organic Marketing Opportunities 

As you track individual and group behaviors, you’ll be able to structure marketing for better, more effective and honed-in outreach. The data will work as a scope on the marketing rifle of your outreach team, allowing you to hit your targets with greater accuracy and frequency over time.  


Better Marketing

An IT marketing campaign which structures outreach strategy from individual and group metrics has a greater likelihood of managing your clients and prospects at the highest levels of profit. 

Ricardo Michell

Ricardo Michell is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Michell Consulting Group. Ricardo’s journey began in 1999 when he chose to pursue his dream of having his own IT support company in Miami. MCG started strong and reached a pivotal turning point for the better when they decided to offer ERP solutions and IT support in Miami to their clients. They teamed up with world-class publishers such as Infor and SAP. And they never looked back. In 2009, to keep the diversification of the company flowing, they became a premier Managed IT Services Provider in Miami.