Which of the Seven Stories Does Your MSP Marketing Strategy Follow?

Brand Identity

MSP marketingYour MSP marketing has a brand identity all its own, and that identity is built around a story. It’s commonly accepted that there are seven archetypal stories. Which of the seven stories is your MSP? This is the nexus from which to expand your brand’s “persona”. Consider these stories, and which describe you:

1. Slaying the Dragon

Your MSP marketing may be representing a brand that exists to overcome the “dragon” of competitors who are providing sub-par services. Think of the knight getting the gold when they kill the dragon. Well, your brand is the knight, the dragon is competitors, the gold is a mutual benefit for you and clientele.

2. From Nothing to Everything: The Unicorn

Facebook is a tech unicorn, so are Microsoft and Apple, to a certain degree. All three started humbly and became world-changing enterprises. If this is your story, you’ll want to show where you’ve come from and where you’re going.

3. Searching for Satisfaction: An Epic Quest

Some tech brands are built around innovation. Perhaps, what you’re trying to do is find regions of as-a-service support which are untapped. Perhaps, you’re looking to develop some new technological marriage between hardware and software. Whatever your quest, like the “nothing to everything” tail, you’ll want to show progress and the culmination of your efforts.

4. The Funny Side of Life: A Comedic Approach

It’s funny what can happen in life. You’ve got to learn to laugh. Perhaps, your MSP specializes in BDR (Backup and Data Recovery). A video ad might show a new girl in the tech department being told how the system can be shut off, and then doing so incidentally–then you end the commercial with a plug for your BDR services, which ensure such mistakes won’t hamper operations.

5. Sadness and Tragedy: Missed Opportunities

When a business is lost because poor technology choices were made, this is sad. Your MSP can show case studies where, for example, poor security choices which could have been avoided were made.

6. There and Back Again

A brand that has been there and back again has reached a goal and is aiming for the next one. You tell your story, and you initiate the follow-through on a new tale.

7. Rebirth

A brand that comes back from the ashes has been reborn. A brand that changes its core focus has gone through the same change. This can be a good approach for many MSPs.

Choosing Your Story

Your MSP marketing may take aspects of all seven archetype stories to form outreach. There are many ways in which to proceed. But determine who you are, where you’re going, and what kind of story that is. Such an approach will help you more effectively reach your demographic.

Jason Simons

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