Optimizing Managed Services Marketing Lead Generation Through Email Marketing

Considerable Advantages of Email Marketing

managed services marketingYour managed services marketing must necessarily acquire actionable leads in any way possible. At the same time, there’s no use sowing seed in barren ground. You don’t want to waste time and resources chasing rabbits down blind alleys; what you want to do is maximize lead capture through efficient operational tactics.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to do this and is a prime component of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. Following are four considerable advantages of an email marketing campaign:

  • Exceptional effectiveness in communication
  • It helps you reconnect with leads you’d lose otherwise
  • Personalized emails can be especially effective
  • Prioritization of leads can help you maximize outreach

Exceptional Effectiveness in Communication

Sometimes, the mail gets lost, damaged, or criminally tampered with. Email is much more secure and uses increasingly secure modes of encryption in transmission. You can rely on email better than the antiquated methods of communication. Additionally, it’s less expensive to produce and disseminate, meaning your chief investment is time. Time is money, but with non-email outreach and lead capture techniques, you’ve got to spend money on stamps, printing, distribution, etc., as well. Specifically, if your business was in real estate then it is very useful to be able to contact clients automatically with new properties, offers, and more. Therefore, using something like real estate crm could be more beneficial in this case. There are many companies that specialize in different niches of marketing, so utilizing these will make any campaign more successful.

It Helps You Reconnect with Leads You’d Lose Otherwise

Sometimes, you just need to contact someone again to convert them. With a drip marketing campaign facilitated via email, you can string prospects along. With the buyer’s cycle, there’s a section called “awareness”, which in part pertains to how prescient your MSP is on the minds of future clients. If they can’t remember you, they’ll be less likely to convert to your tech services later on. Email campaigns properly managed can help keep that from happening.

Furthermore, to reconnect or generate new leads, their email addresses must be verified. There have been numerous reports of emails being sent in bulk, the majority of which are invalid. In such cases, the company is always at a loss. Because they must always pay the full amount to bulk email service providers, even if the number of emails sent does not equal the number of emails successfully delivered. This is where email verification software/service providers come into play. If interested, you may contact email verification platforms like mailfloss, so that you don’t have to pay for the bounced back emails on invalid email addresses.

Personalized Emails Can Be Especially Effective

Personalized approaches in managed services marketing do take more time, but they’re also a lot more likely to be effective. Personalized emails that are directly written to prospects with unique titles are going to have an increased likelihood of being clicked on.

Prioritization of Leads Can Help You Maximize Outreach

When you have email marketing campaigns expertly managed, you’ll be able to more simply and effectively categorize the contacts you acquire. You can send out template-based emails to those on the fringes and focus personalized outreach on the “bigger fish” at the center.

Certainly, this kind of prioritization is attainable without an email campaign, but it’s going to be more difficult to effect. Meanwhile, when you can keep statistics and manage outbound campaigns at maximum efficiency, you can increase conversion rates and avoid undermining yourself by sending a template to a big fish or a personalized email to someone on the fringes.

Better Outreach, Increased Conversion

You need effective strategies for your managed services marketing. One of the most effective will certainly be email marketing campaigns as expertly managed as possible. If you aren’t tapping into this outreach gold mine, it’s now time to start.

Jennifer Holmes

Jennifer Holmes is President of MIS Solutions and a Georgia native who, after graduating from Georgia Tech, became an accomplished research virologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. In 2000, Jennifer hung up her lab coat to join husband Lliam at MIS Solutions as President. In the past 16 years, she has led the MIS Solutions team to become the leaders in Metro Atlanta IT Support. MIS Solutions, Inc. is on a mission to provide managed IT services to Atlanta businesses to help them grow and support their businesses. MIS Solutions provides a wide range of IT services to Atlanta-based businesses and, combined with Jennifer’s passion for sharing effective business strategies with her clients, they are able to deliver the best business IT Support for each client’s unique environment in Atlanta. In 2013, Jennifer’s leadership and marketing skills won her the title of Spokesperson for the nationally acclaimed Technology Marketing Toolkit, an industry group of over 550 top U.S. She is a graduate of the Leadership Gwinnett program and has acted on the boards of the National Association of Women Business Owners’ Atlanta chapter, Gwinnett Great Days of Service, the Buford/North Gwinnett Rotary Club and the Gwinnett Chamber’s Technology Board.