Managed Services Marketing Techniques to Maintain Email Subscriptions

Managed services marketing must carefully consider the email component. A managed “drip marketing” campaign facilitated through email can be effective over time, but it will require you to carefully manage your email marketing strategy for greatest effect. The truth is, people don’t like spam, and they’re apt to delete emails they dislike. Following are several tactics to help keep your clientele from deleting the emails you send: 


Maintain the Interest of Readers 

Managed services marketing must keep reader interest. A good way to do that is to “kill the sheriff on the first page”, as the old saying goes. This is a literary maxim. It means the inciting incident of a story must be immediate, or the reader will lose interest. So, you’ve got to start off whatever emails you’ve sent out with something that’s eye-catching, engaging, and relevant to readers. 

One strategy may include offering discounts or putting a ballpark figure of savings which conform to the demographic you’re marketing to. If school districts in your locality save $10k a month through the cloud, that’s something to lead with when you email schools that have yet to convert to your services. 


Don’t Send Too Many 

If you’re sending too many emails, that’s just obnoxious. Inboxes today are already clogged up enough with work and personal emails. Nobody wants to deal with spammy marketing tripe. Granted, you’re likely not producing sub-par materials, but the truth is you’re going to be perceived that way if you send too many emails. Send them in proper quantities.   


Avoid Spam Qualities 

Spelling should be proper, so should grammar. Don’t use a lot of GIFs or animations. Directly address readers as possible. With MSP outreach, you’ll have many high-profile clients who deserve personalized outreach as you can provide it. Be personal. 

Managed services marketing which isn’t spammy, isn’t too over-powering, and catches reader interest from beginning to end is more likely to maintain your subscription numbers over time. 

Vincent Tedesco

Vincent Tedesco is the President and the CEO of Total Technology Solutions, a full-service IT solutions provider distinguished by broad expertise in managed IT services in Long Island and a singular focus on the needs of their clients. Vincent has over 30 years of experience as an IT leader, from his early years beginning at Computerland and to founding and growing Total. He founded Total in 1988 and spearheaded its evolution in the ever-changing technology marketplace by providing consulting and IT support in Long Island. Total Technology’s mission is to secure and to have IT support in Suffolk with reliable solutions and exceptional service so that Total clients can focus on their core business.