Implement a Strategic Onboarding Program for Retaining New Hires in Your MSP Company

MSP companyHiring employees for your MSP company is a lengthy and expensive process. For these reasons, it’s important to have enhanced new hire orientation and onboarding programs to improve employee retention and performance. Most effective onboarding programs focus on employee engagement. So many companies use places like WorkBright, which have the best practices for remote employee onboarding.

Put Your Employees First

Your people are the most important part of your business. Providing a company culture that puts them first by offering personal and professional growth can help you retain your people. Also, encouraging core values that foster respect, fun, and support is essential for onboarding new hires.

Engage Your New Hires

By engaging your new hires right from the beginning makes a huge difference in attracting and keeping new employees. It also decreases the cost of recruiting. This way, you can put all of your effort into the new hires and know they are comfortable with their new role. You could even introduce a mentoring program in which you train your employees to be the best they can be, from the minute they begin. Many mentoring software companies offer workplace diversity programs. By getting your employees to take part in these will build teamwork and better their understanding of one another as employees and of you as a boss. When you have an effective onboarding program, it sets the foundation for engaged employees that champion your company values and ensures a positive first impression for new team members.

For sincere employee engagement, focus on the human element and find ways to personally connect with your new hires. Make the process a welcoming experience.

Take Advantage of Onboarding Portals

If you’re still using paper forms for assimilating your new hires, consider online onboarding portals that simplify forms and task management. These MSP company portals reduce the amount of paperwork your new hires have to deal with, as well as giving them access to mentoring tools, virtual HR teams, educational videos, personal welcome messages, information about your company mission statement, an explanation of benefits and a streamlined way to complete paperwork, such as W-9s, insurance forms, and company policy forms. Remember, however, that online portals can sometimes be difficult to navigate when you’re new, so give your new hires a physical Employee Handbook too that is written clearly and concisely. You could even put a personalised page on the front to make them feel even more welcome!

Introduce Your New Hire to Your Team Personally

On the first day, personally introduce your new hires to everyone on your team. Explain the workflow process and your expectations. Help them to fully understand your company goals, and how they fit in with reaching those goals. If possible, connect your new employees with mentors that can encourage and train them in your company’s products, services, and marketing and sales procedures.

Check Back with Your Employees Regularly

Follow up with your new hires regularly, especially during the first 90 days. Since the onboarding process involves establishing behaviors that are the foundation of long-term success at your company, it’s important that you give your new employees feedback as they’re developing their work habits.

It’s in your best interest to praise new hires often for their efforts and good work, reinforcing positive performance. This will also help them confirm in their minds that they made the right choice in working at your company. Forming personal, respectful relationships with all your employees is the best way to build employee loyalty, morale and long-term commitments.

In conclusion, by implementing a strategic onboarding process will help you grow your MSP company team. It’s critical to have detailed onboarding so your hires fully understand your business, your culture, and your goals, as well as making sure they know what you expect from them every day.

Ravi Jain

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