Tips for Your MSP Marketing Team to Reactivate Customers

MSP marketingIt can take an MSP marketing team a long time to find and convert a cold lead into a paying customer. Marketing is all about the acquisition of customers followed by strategies to retain them. But often, little thought is given to reactivating old customers who have not bought anything from you in a while.

How to Start Reactivating Customers

The major benefit of reactivating old customers, as opposed to finding new ones, is that you already know their preferences and you have a contact name and probably an email address with which to contact them. This email is the best way to reconnect with them. But first, you have to analyze your customer base and decide who is suitable to contact.

Initially, you should identify those customers who are no longer buying from you, as the length of time will be dependent on the type of business you do. Some companies only expect a customer to buy from them yearly, whereas other business models may have customers buying every few months. When you have decided how long it is that defines dormancy, you need to divide them up to differentiate your marketing campaign. The first group will be those who have been continually buying and have suddenly stopped, and the other will be customers who have not bought from you for a long time.

Reactivation Emails

Your MSP marketing team will need to create emails that will entice your customers back, and the group that used to buy frequently should get emails that show your appreciation for their past business. While noting that they are no longer buying from you, it can help to ask if there is anything else you can do for them. A way to do this is to send them a survey that has the benefit of a discount attached if they complete it. That way, you find out what the problem is and they get to pay a reduced price for their next purchase.

Emails to the other group that have been dormant for a while could include your regret that there is nothing they felt worth buying recently and perhaps a massive discount in order to get them to come back to you.

Reactivation Tips

Studies have shown that a brief and obvious subject line works much better than a mysterious one. For example, a short ‘We miss you’ is more likely to be opened. Also, don’t just leave it at one email, as two or three are likely to cover the situations when either an email is missed or deleted accidentally.

For customer reactivation to work well, your MSP marketing team needs to continually reassess your customer base to see if there are any dormant customers that could be converted into buying from you again. When it takes so much less effort than finding and retaining new customers, it is imperative that this strategy is implemented continually for the best results.

Nicholas Fortin

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