MSP Marketing Tips to Get Client Referrals

MSP marketingThe use of referrals in the IT world is an excellent way to reach new clients and is an effective MSP marketing technique. However, many IT companies struggle with getting referrals, which makes it much more difficult for them to expand their consumer base. Here are just a few tips on taking advantage of referrals and how it can have a positive impact on your company:

Make It Easy

Make it easy for clients to recommend your IT services to other companies. For example, giving out a business card to existing clients is an inexpensive way to increase the outreach of your business. Offering rewards for clients that give referrals is also a good way to ensure that you receive plenty of new references. These small steps can have a major impact on your IT company, and it is well worth the additional effort.

Focus on Customer Service

Another effective MSP marketing technique is to always focus on satisfying each client through superior customer service. Happy clients are much more likely to recommend your IT services to other businesses, which makes it well worth it to go the extra mile to ensure that your clients are completely satisfied with your company. An IT provider that always focuses on customer service will have much happier clients, which is the foundation of a successful long-term partnership.

Create a Review Funnel

The use of a review funnel is an effective way to gain more referrals while also providing valuable feedback for your IT support company. These reviews should be user-friendly and easy to access for any client. Allowing clients to write reviews using a third-party site is a great way to receive referrals and to look at any areas that need improvement. These reviews are also an excellent way to increase the brand of your company and can help you develop a strong reputation in the IT world.

Never Ignore Clients

It is essential to always check in with clients on a routine basis. A simple phone call is a great way to touch base and to see if they have any particular needs. Building relationships with each client is a recipe for a successful long-term partnership while also significantly increases the chance of them referring your IT services to other potential clients. Continually focusing on building relations with each client is well worth the effort.

Understanding these MSP marketing techniques is essential for any IT provider that hopes to continue to receive a steady stream of referrals from existing clients. Seeking out these referrals will ensure that your IT company continues to grow and reaches many new clients in need of IT services.

Lliam Holmes

Lliam’s experience in the IT industry spans over 25 years. He has served as a field tech, systems engineer, project manager, software developer and business consultant for FORTUNE 500 companies and many other businesses (including Nokia Cellular, NAPA Auto Parts, Eli Lilly, HGTV, Crozer-Keystone Hospitals, Bethco Inc., Optima Technologies and BravePoint), and chief executive officer. In 1995, Lliam founded MIS Solutions, Inc. in Suwanee, Ga., to help small Gwinnett County businesses leverage their technology to grow and achieve their goals. Today he architects Managed IT and Cloud Strategies strategies to help simplify technology, increase productivity and deliver a competitive edge for small companies in the Atlanta metro area plus they now provide local IT Services and IT Support in Orange County as they now have an Orange County IT Support office— this locations allows them to provide local IT consultant services to Los Angeles. In Addition, through the addition of affiliate offices in Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles Boston, Clarkston, Mass., and its partner network, MIS provides coverage in all 50 states. MIS Solutions is focused on helping companies with 10 to 150 computers on their network. We provide a fixed-fee approach to ensure that your network and technology "just work". Some of our core industries are insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, law firms and CPA's. MIS Solutions provides both on premise (in your office) and private cloud solutions. For more information about MIS Solutions, visit: or email me at: