Key IT Marketing Concepts for Your MSP Business

IT marketingGetting the market to sit up and take notice can be a challenge. Inspiring your existing and prospective customers to take actions that result in higher sales for you requires superior approaches to IT marketing. There are some key principles you can utilize to drive sales through winning marketing.

Sell Your Value

What value do you bring to your customers? What problem do you solve for them? The results of your solution are the message you want. That’s the value you need to sell to the market.

To be able to sell your value, you have to identify your value. Remember that product features and specifications are not the value. The problems your product solves is the value. How is your customer’s personal or business life measurably better after buying and using your product? That is your value.

Add Value

Done properly, isn’t just the process of broadcasting a message. Successful IT marketing is a two-way street. The ‘play it forward’ mantra may feel a bit cynical and over-used now, but that doesn’t mean contributing to a healthier, happier community won’t help. Find ways to add value with your marketing. Don’t just crow about how good your products are. Educate your customers, widen their horizons, enlighten the market.

By leveraging your knowledge, skills, and experience as an MSP to help the market enjoy healthier operations, you demonstrate your dedication to the industry. A genuine interest in helping both providers and customers benefit from MSP technology helps to strengthen the confidence of both your existing customers and prospective clients in your ability to meet their needs, both today and tomorrow.

Take an Honest Approach

Don’t try to be too clever with your marketing. Customers will be turned off by cynical sales strategies. Customers will appreciate an MSP that is genuinely interested in the end user’s best interests. When developing your marketing strategy, be honest with yourself about your strengths as an organization. When prospective customers get in touch, accept that not every project will fit your business’s processes and strategy.

Don’t Expect a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

What works for marketing other industries won’t necessarily work for IT marketing. Don’t expect templated approaches to marketing that fit other types of businesses to be effective for your MSP organization, even if they seem to work for other MSPs. Find the approach that suits your systems, management structure, and corporate culture. Remember that marketing is at least as much art as it is science. Art is a creative and iterative process. Just as creating a sculpture requires working the medium, adding and removing materials until the work is complete, your marketing strategy should be a process, not an end game.

Vin Jauhal

Vin Jauhal has succeeded in the I.T. industry for over 20 years as M.D. of Wem Technology, confidently helping businesses grow through the strategic use of innovative technology and an ability to see things from the customer’s point of view. He has a demonstrated history of driving forward the technology industry with strong expertise in London IT Consulting, Security, Cloud, Telecoms, Licensing, Infrastructure and Service Management. As an award-winning, early adopter at the forefront of innovation, Vin has consistently been ahead of the curve in providing leading-edge managed IT services in London to help give businesses a strategic advantage, and his experience has helped many companies grow significantly, often in very short timeframes. With an educational background in Management, Computer Science and Economics, he is noted for his creativity and innovative thinking when helping organizations to meet their objectives. As past Chairman, President and Executive Council Member of the Kensington & Chelsea Chamber of Commerce since 2000, he has been actively helping businesses succeed on a purely voluntary basis. Wem Technology is now one of the leading London IT companies with a highly qualified and experienced team assisting many small and large companies, both in London and internationally, with their technology requirements. As Microsoft Gold Certified Partners and Cloud Solution Providers, they have been designing and implementing the latest Office 365 migration in London to help businesses digitally transform for over 20 years. They help organizations expand and increase their performance through improved London IT outsourcing services.