Include Effective Editorial Calendars in Your IT Marketing

Your IT marketing needs to incorporate content creation for effective outreach. You’ll need to put out new pieces of content at regular intervals. About 16 pieces a month is a good baseline. That content should be released at predictable intervals your target market grows used to.

With a firm editorial schedule, readers are able to predict when your next content will come. Have you ever seen a TV show you loved where one episode didn’t resolve but left you with a cliffhanger? If you were invested in the show, you would be sure to tune in.

With content related to technology, you’ve got ample opportunity to build audiences and pepper content with such cliffhangers as they relate to trends in the tech industry or new provisions from your company. This isn’t your only tactic, but it’s one of many you’ll be able to follow through on with the simple addition of an editorial calendar to organize content creation.


Considerable Realities of Content Production

The downside here involves effort. IT marketing on a production schedule producing 16 pieces a month is producing four a week. Each of those pieces of content will average around 500 words. That’s 2,000 words a week or 8,000 a month.

Sometimes, your best bet here will be to divert the cost in terms of time and money to an agency that specializes in providing SEO solutions for MSPs. Consulting with such an organization can help you iron out the most effective internal policies as regards content creation.


Seeing Positive Results

It’s going to take you a minimum of about six months to see ROI on your content-related IT marketing. You may see it sooner, you may see it later; but six months is a good rule of thumb. Through strategic scheduling, you’ll be able to increase positive impact while reducing necessary efforts involved.

Marc Bartholomew

Marc Bartholomew is the CEO and founder of Integritechs Technology Professionals, a Los Angeles based Technology support provider, offering a variety of managed IT services in Los Angeles to small businesses. Integritechs provides a wide array of IT solutions in the greater Los Angeles area, with an excellent service by aligning their goals with their customers: stable, reliable Los Angeles IT services, managing technology throughout its lifecycle, while controlling costs. Marc believes the best way to accomplish this is through regular, proactive management. Integritechs achieves this by encouraging scheduled visits and bundling everything their customer's needs into their managed services plans in los Angeles to keep their systems running smoothly.