How to Boost Your MSP Business Brand

MSP businessWhen it comes to your MSP business brand, the old maxim “No news is bad news” is an excellent guiding principle. Creating a powerful brand is firstly about having your brand foremost in the minds of everyone and then making sure your audience thinks powerful things in association with your brand.

Social Media

Business has moved into an era of always-on, connected everywhere, and instant information. Many of the old branding paradigms continue to apply, but the way they’re applied has changed. The most significant and apparent change is the rise of social media, which poses considerable risks but also huge opportunities. Social media is an incredible way to instantly boost your brand and give you quick feedback on the success of your brand-building efforts.

Social Media Voice

Remember that your corporate voice needs to be heard. That means you need to get your messages out via social media. What’s more, you need to ensure your audience hears your MSP business voice the way you want it heard. That is achieved by ensuring all staff handling your social media activity understand your branding character and reflecting that.

Social Media Branding Character

Once you’ve defined your corporate brand, you need to see that brand as a person. Like an actor understanding the character he or she plays, you need to see the character traits of your brand as a person. This will drive the persona or personas you apply in your social media activity. An anodyne social media face, free of character, is boring and does nothing to build your brand online.

Expert, Informed, and Helpful

Whatever the brand character you identify for your social media activity, you’ll invariably want your organization to come across as expert, informed, and helpful. These are three powerful aspects of personality that make a human attractive and respected. The same is true for businesses. You can foster these attributes in the minds of your audience both through the language you use on social media and via the content of your posts. What’s more, you can use social media to drive traffic to your expert, informed, and helpful activities on other platforms, such as conferences, free white papers, videos, and training. Also, you can make use of a social media scheduling platform such as HeyOrca or similar ones to plan the calendar. Regularly posting informative content can create the right personality for your service.

Timely but Accurate

Social media makes it easy for you to provide valuable information and feedback almost instantly. Savvy audiences now turn to social media before they check traditional news sources for fast-moving stories. You can further build a valuable brand based on being able to provide accurate information in a timely manner. Don’t, however, make the mistake of posting to social media when you don’t have the facts.

What Would Your Audience Ask You About?

You can further build your brand on social media by tackling questions your audience would ask you in person. Or, even better, why not just ask your social media audience? Any MSP business that builds reliable, friendly two-communication with its audience is going to benefit from a much stronger brand.

Vin Jauhal

Vin Jauhal has succeeded in the I.T. industry for over 20 years as M.D. of Wem Technology, confidently helping businesses grow through the strategic use of innovative technology and an ability to see things from the customer’s point of view. He has a demonstrated history of driving forward the technology industry with strong expertise in London IT Consulting, Security, Cloud, Telecoms, Licensing, Infrastructure and Service Management. As an award-winning, early adopter at the forefront of innovation, Vin has consistently been ahead of the curve in providing leading-edge managed IT services in London to help give businesses a strategic advantage, and his experience has helped many companies grow significantly, often in very short timeframes. With an educational background in Management, Computer Science and Economics, he is noted for his creativity and innovative thinking when helping organizations to meet their objectives. As past Chairman, President and Executive Council Member of the Kensington & Chelsea Chamber of Commerce since 2000, he has been actively helping businesses succeed on a purely voluntary basis. Wem Technology is now one of the leading London IT companies with a highly qualified and experienced team assisting many small and large companies, both in London and internationally, with their technology requirements. As Microsoft Gold Certified Partners and Cloud Solution Providers, they have been designing and implementing the latest Office 365 migration in London to help businesses digitally transform for over 20 years. They help organizations expand and increase their performance through improved London IT outsourcing services.