Lead Qualification Is Fundamental to MSP Marketing Success

Effective MSP marketing scores leads by varying levels of importance. Some leads shouldn’t really be bothered with, whereas others should be put into a contact schedule and regularly followed up with to the full extent of statistically viable strategy in this regard. Following are several tips to help you find the right balance here: 


  • Consider the scope of client buying power
  • Measure your cost of service provision
  • Prioritize based on qualifying data


Consider the Scope of Client Buying Power 

You don’t have to respect all prospective buyers equally. Some are naturally going to be better than others. This may not sound politically correct, but the clients who have more buying power are likely going to be a more profitable prospect for your MSP marketing efforts. That said, they’re also going to be more discriminating in their onboarding process. So, you’ve got to look at those ideal clients, and seek to convert them–but it would also be a tactical blunder to avoid smaller clients with diminished resources. 


Measure Your Cost of Service Provision 

How much will it cost you to provide them service? Will it be a lot or a little? If the profit which comes from a prospective client doesn’t over-reach the expense to provide service, you’re losing money. You can also only afford to break even for so long. When you drive a car, what you spend on gas is only one part of your cost. Your vehicle will break down mechanically over time; so each mile has an additional entropy-related depreciation to consider. It’s the same when you’re providing service and only breaking even. 


Prioritize Based on Qualifying Data 

Use all the information at your behest to ensure you reach the right people. Your sweet spot won’t be at the top of the heap or the bottom; it’ll be stratified based on your demographic. Get the right data.  


Optimized Conversion Outreach 

An MSP marketing strategy which considers scope, cost, and prioritization in relation to lead qualification will more effectively hone efforts, producing better conversions.

Ricardo Michell

Ricardo Michell is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Michell Consulting Group. Ricardo’s journey began in 1999 when he chose to pursue his dream of having his own IT support company in Miami. MCG started strong and reached a pivotal turning point for the better when they decided to offer ERP solutions and IT support in Miami to their clients. They teamed up with world-class publishers such as Infor and SAP. And they never looked back. In 2009, to keep the diversification of the company flowing, they became a premier Managed IT Services Provider in Miami.