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IT Marketing Can Be Made Easier with SEO

IT marketingThere are many avenues that small companies can explore when it comes to IT marketing. However, for sustainability and long-term improvements for driving traffic, SEO should be at the top of the list. As a new or little-known MSP, you may have fantastic products, knowledgeable IT experts, and excellent customer service. But if no one knows about you, it will be harder to make your company a success. The majority of people search online for products when they are ready to buy, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may be the key to finding those interested parties and turning them into happy customers.

What is SEO?

It is the act of optimizing your website so that search engines know what you are selling and can match your website to requests for certain products or services. There are more than 200 criteria that search engines use when categorizing websites, and if you can rank highly for the type of items that your potential customers are searching for, you will appear on the results page that is displayed to them.

How Can SEO Help a Small Business?

As an IT marketing strategy, SEO will continue to reap rewards with minimal intervention. Initially, being found high on a search engine’s results page will mean that your brand becomes more familiar and well-known. This increased reputation and recognition can mean that your company will be chosen in preference to your competitors, hopefully increasing your ranking yet again on the search pages. If you are listed ahead of your competitors for a particular search term related to your products or services, then potential customers are likely to click on your website first, which should again lead to more sales and revenue.

SEO can also be useful if you are looking for local clients, as well as those from further afield. Often, people will search using their area or town in addition to the products they are looking for. If your business is optimized for your location, it will appear at a higher rank when potential customers in the local area are searching for the products or services you are offering.

Before you try any paid IT marketing, the first thing you should do is make sure you are visible online by ensuring your SEO is working for you. Small companies can benefit hugely by being made visible in search results so that their brand’s reputation is enhanced and it is possible for customers to find them easily. When you rank more highly on a search results page, you will be chosen ahead of your competitors which leads to increased exposure. This should improve your market share and boost your profits continuously as more and more people find you online. Targeted traffic is the holy grail for small companies, and if you can find those customers who are looking specifically for the products and services you supply, your business should go from strength to strength.

Ricardo Michell

Ricardo Michell is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Michell Consulting Group. Ricardo’s journey began in 1999 when he chose to pursue his dream of having his own IT support company in Miami. MCG started strong and reached a pivotal turning point for the better when they decided to offer ERP solutions and IT support in Miami to their clients. They teamed up with world-class publishers such as Infor and SAP. And they never looked back. In 2009, to keep the diversification of the company flowing, they became a premier Managed IT Services Provider in Miami.