Ensure Your MSP Blog Doesn’t Waste Prospects’ Time

Before making your MSP blog, you need to understand that the time of your prospects is more valuable than yours; this is one of those “easier to say than to do” aspects of operation. Still, having such an attitude can help you get more clients more successfully. Following are several tips to help you maximize prospect time, facilitating increased sales for your MSP: 


  • A fast website
  • Avoid being indulgent
  • It’s about them, not you


A Fast Website 

Your MSP blog shouldn’t take forever to load. For goodness’ sake, it’s kilobytes; it should load instantaneously. If your website can’t make that possible, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. As a tech company, your site should be faster than the majority of sites out there. Your clients are going to look at your site with a level of critical consideration. If it loads slow, that reflects bad on you, as it wastes their time, indicating you may not be as proficient at tech as advertised. Avoid this by having exceptionally swift loading times.   


Avoid Being Indulgent 

This may be the hardest part about good blog writing— you can’t be indulgent. A clever turn of phrase or run-on sentence may be a joy to write, but ensure your target market could care less. Don’t waste their time with flowery text; that’s for poetry and community college courses on creative writing. Instead, be quick, effective, and to the point.   


It’s About Them, Not You 

Another big temptation for tech blogs involves delving deep into technical specifications of products and services. Certainly, this is interesting to other techs, but your clientele could care less. They want to know the “what” and the “how much”, rather than the “how” and the “why”. Well, there’s a little ”why” in there; that comes in terms of value. 


Time-Saving Marketing 

An MSP blog that loads quickly, is not indulgent, and aims at target markets rather than tech professionals will be more effective at converting prospects.  


Ravi Jain

Ravi Jain is the Chief Executive Officer for Technijian, with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Enterprise Software, HP Products, Storage, ITIL, and IT Service Management. <a href="https://technijian.com/ professional with a BS focused in Physics from University of California, Los Angeles. For over a decade, Technijian has strived to provide Fortune 500 IT Support in Orange County for the small to mid-size businesses. During this time our client base has grown from small office with less than 10 people to mid-size businesses with over 50 employees. We offer corporate wide Managed IT Services for Orange County clients with hotels all across the country as well as IT support for medical device startups here in Orange County. Regardless the size Technijian strives to deliver "Technology Support Your Way".