How to Decrease Employee Turnover at Your MSP Company

MSP companyThose who have been in business for a while understand the importance of reducing employee turnover. A steady stream of employees coming and going sabotages efficiency, as well as social cohesion in the workplace. If your MSP company has an employee retention problem, do not assume you are powerless. Here is a quick look at how to reduce worker turnover:

Start with an In-depth Analysis

Study, measure and discuss your employee retention problem. Gather as much information as possible before attempting to make any type of change. Once you fully understand why employee turnover is occurring, you will have the information necessary to improve retention. So, do not make the mistake of assuming every single departing employee is leaving for the same reason. Perform exit interviews to pinpoint exactly why employees are exiting. Make the appropriate changes, and remaining workers will be that much more inclined to stay.

Key In on Soft Skills When Hiring

Technical skills are certainly important, but so is office culture. If a candidate does not seem like a good fit for your MSP company culture, he or she is likely to rock the boat and possibly prove to be a negative influence on other employees. Lean toward hiring an applicant who has the soft skill edge as you can always train new hires to perfect their hard skills. Soft skills are comparably intangible.

Communicate with Clarity

Clear communication is essential for success in the context of work, as well as nearly every other aspect of life. If your team is not communicating, employees will be that much more inclined to leave. Prioritize communication by encouraging your team to over-communicate, as opposed to under-communicating. Make sure every employee clearly understands management expectations. Provide constructive criticism when appropriate, pinpoint and eliminate communication silos and give employees ongoing feedback.

It will also help to provide employees with the opportunity to engage their superiors and coworkers in an ongoing dialogue, as opposed to subjecting them to an authoritarian top-down monologue. Employees who are provided with the opportunity to voice their opinions and provide insights are that much more likely to stay.

Foster Workplace Harmony

Work is just as much about productivity and making money as it is about relationships. People do not want to show up to work and stare into a screen for eight hours. People from all walks of life crave relationships with others. Surround your employees with others who are cordial and hardworking, and they will be motivated to give their all. Your office will feel more like a family than a drudgerous place of employment once true team unity is established.

Employee Retention Boils Down to Opportunity

Recognize the fact that nearly every employee of your MSP company is looking to climb the corporate ladder. Provide hardworking employees with new opportunities for growth, and they will be inclined to stay. Alternatively, rendering employees to the positions for which they were hired even after years of hard work will cause a significant turnover. Providing team members with opportunities for skill building and learning will heighten retention.

Ravi Jain

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