Your MSP Business Should Hire Motivated Employees for Employee Satisfaction

Any MSP business will face an uphill climb starting out, and though profit may become a regular feature of operations, there will always be resistance which requires overcoming. You can make this less difficult by hiring motivated employees who have a stake in your company. Motivated employees lead to more satisfied clientele, here are some reasons why:


Motivated Personnel Make the Face of Your Business More Human 

An MSP business that doesn’t have motivated personnel is going to be peopled with individuals who could care less about how clients feel when it comes to service. These individuals only care about their paycheck and doing the bare minimum to get by. 

Meanwhile, motivated personnel have a stake in clientele beyond their own paycheck, because they’re actively interested in the products or services of your company, as well as its positive growth. They understand the need to treat clients right. This is perceived by clients. 


Bad Customer Service Will End Up Costing You 

When you’ve got unmotivated personnel, they don’t serve clients right, which leads to returns, arguments, lost clients, and diminished reputation. All these things are ultimately expensive. Avoiding such issues is much easier accomplished with motivated individuals. 


Enthusiasm Can Outweigh Acumen 

Enthusiastic employees are sympathetic. Clients can see their passion, and that they want the best. Additionally, this desire can prompt such employees to take personal sacrifice and seek assistance when they come against an issue they can’t solve. Even if they don’t have acumen, they can bring the right people to the table to achieve a goal. Good employees are problem solvers and enthusiasm is more likely to surfeit a motivated individual, leading to greater desire for issue resolution. Semi-skilled enthusiasm solves problems, which trumps unenthusiastic skill. 

An MSP business with motivated personnel will solve problems, serve clients, and humanize operations. Seek new hires who have such attitudes. 


Bryan Fuller

Bryan Fuller has been the President and Chief Executive Officer since founding Contigo Technology in May of 2013. Contigo focuses on providing state-of-the-art technology coupled with superior IT support to local Austin businesses. In addition, Bryan works to ensure that he always have enough staff to deliver lighting fast response times for his managed IT services clients in the Austin area. He works diligently to hire and train all his employees but especially help desk agents and onsite IT services technicians in Austin to provide an excellent customer service experience to clients. Bryan is also concerned with the onslaught of cyber security risk facing companies in Austin and lined up the best talent and software to combat this IT challenge. Prior to founding Contigo, Bryan had leadership roles in software companies such as SolarWinds, NetIQ, CA. Inc, and XMatters (formerly Alarmpoint). Bryan holds a B.B.A from Texas Tech University.