Tips to Effectively Manage Different Personalities in Your MSP Company

MSP companyEvery MSP company knows that the company culture and quality of relationships between team members and management has a huge impact on the success of the business operations. Finding a way to work well and manage diverse personalities in the workplace promotes teamwork, productivity, and employee engagement. It can boost business innovation and help you deliver better products and services to your clients. It even affects long-term growth and can reduce employee turnover. One thing is for certain though— it does not happen automatically, and it takes visionary leadership to accomplish.

Expert Recommendations for Managers

Studies have been done at large multinational companies to get an overview of the successful and not so successful management techniques that are employed to manage diverse groups. Managers must always be willing to adapt their approaches to cater to the teams that they have. They must be willing to abandon traditional management approaches when those have failed to provide the desired effects.

Here are a few of the top tips to help you successfully manage diverse teams in your MSP company:

  • Empower your employees – It has been shown in many breakthrough workplace studies that employee empowerment is a game-changer when it comes to encouraging employee participation and engagement in the overall activities and growth of the business. People want increased decision-making power and less micro-managing from the top. They want their ideas to be encouraged and appreciated and for their contributions to be recognized.
  • Build a strong company culture – Changing the culture of the workplace takes time, but it is possible with a well-thought-out plan and vision in mind. Building a strong team environment where people‚Äôs uniqueness and strengths are welcomed and celebrated can help unlock a range of possibilities.
  • Recognize that a culture shift can only happen from the top – Management must commit to spearheading the change by being more approachable, listening more, and getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of their team. Help build on the strengths and skills that are present in your team by facilitating training, coaching and increased responsibility in these areas.


Managing a diverse workforce is by no means easy. It takes some patience, trial and error, and the motivation to create a healthy and productive work environment for everyone. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, some team member may oppose the change and may even choose to leave your MSP company. Despite any resistance to change you may face, you can enjoy greater success in managing a team with different personalities by adopting the expert tips presented in this article. Leading the way to a company culture shift with a more empowered team can yield far-reaching results.

Bryan Fuller

Bryan Fuller has been the President and Chief Executive Officer since founding Contigo Technology in May of 2013. Contigo focuses on providing state-of-the-art technology coupled with superior IT support to local Austin businesses. In addition, Bryan works to ensure that he always have enough staff to deliver lighting fast response times for his managed IT services clients in the Austin area. He works diligently to hire and train all his employees but especially help desk agents and onsite IT services technicians in Austin to provide an excellent customer service experience to clients. Bryan is also concerned with the onslaught of cyber security risk facing companies in Austin and lined up the best talent and software to combat this IT challenge. Prior to founding Contigo, Bryan had leadership roles in software companies such as SolarWinds, NetIQ, CA. Inc, and XMatters (formerly Alarmpoint). Bryan holds a B.B.A from Texas Tech University.