Properly Managing Your MSP Blog

Your MSP blog needs to incorporate a deeply professional veneer in all materials which communicate to the public. You must be honest, but you mustn’t be too honest. Think of it like a date. You would want to tell her about your dreams, hopes, yearnings, and ambitions. You would want to show her your skill. But would you want her to know Johnny James jumped out of a closet and scared you so bad you had to change pants during eighth-grade Algebra? No! Not until you’ve been married long enough for such a tale not to matter. 

Likewise, your MSP needs to be careful that it doesn’t reveal too many things about internal operations, other clients, and overall operations in its online marketing materials. Ensure you consider these blog design features: 


  • Refrain from negative opinions or instances of operation on your blog 
  • Don’t reveal anything proprietary 
  • Avoid contention and redundancy 


Refrain from Negative Opinions or Instances of Operation on Your Blog 

Your MSP blog needs to include only the good things. You’re going to have negative interactions, and sometimes, things just won’t go your way. You want to avoid writing about these kinds of things. Certainly, they help facilitate honesty, but that’s being too honest. Avoid such situations to maintain positive visibility. 


Don’t Reveal Anything Proprietary 

If you put out the “ingredients” to your MSP “casserole”, don’t be surprised if some other enterprising potluck attendee traipses through this metaphor and steals your entree. Be careful not to give away too much, though you must yet be authoritative, and give prospects some level of actionable data–working with SEO agencies specializing in MSPs can be essential here.  


Avoid Contention and Redundancy 

Don’t publish any materials which are contentious, divisive, or redundant. Restating what you’ve said before annoys readers and makes you seem unimaginative and “spent” as an MSP. Contention will make clients cringe. 


Balanced Blogging 

Be honest, but not too honest. When creating your MSP blog, take time to apply the tips discussed above, and you will effectively reach and influence target markets.  

Yoon Choi

An 12 year veteran of the IT Support in LA industry with a broad background consisting of start-up, SMB and Enterprise level engagements, Yoon’s experience spans a gamut of industries including legal, financial, manufacturing, media, medical and professional services in both hands-on engineering and executive roles. Yoon brings a well-seasoned viewpoint and expertise in key operational areas such as service delivery, process improvement and workflow management as well as key technical competencies in the areas of cloud based PaaS/SaaS/IaaS, VDI and virtualization, telecommunications and traditional managed services. Currently Cisco certified, Yoon is a graduate of UCLA. When the partners started Advanced Networks in 2004, the vision was simple: Be the most trusted and respected IT services providers in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California with a reputation for reliability, innovation, and a commitment to customer service. That vision remains just as strong today as it did back then. We’ve made it a point to hire the brightest and most talented team members we could find who share this vision and Yoon Choi matches this description perfectly. Yoon shares the belief of the CEO that it’s that our IT support business in LA starts and ends with the happiness of our customers.