MSP Business Tips: Make Use of White Space

Your MSP business needs to take a variety of perspectives in terms of content optimization strategy. There’s a reason many businesses work with SEO agencies that specialize in their niche. SEO agencies have gone before and figured out all the secrets. But if you’re incorporating such strategies into your business on your own, you’ll have to learn the hard way. Take space, for example. If you have the right amount in your content, you’re more likely to see readership increase and conversions expand. 


The Reason Why 

You may think information is the most important; that the size of your paragraphs, the saturation of vocabulary, sentence structure, and overall presentation were secondary to communicability. You think wrong. It turns out that too much text that’s too hard to read won’t be read. 

White space is easier to deal with than walls of text. When you separate visual “rhythm” of your content with subheadings, incorporate bullet lists, and ensure sentences are the appropriate size, you’re going to increase the white space within your article. When that space is expanded, the information is easier to absorb. 

Accordingly, this leads to increased absorption. The more your MSP business optimizes content not just in terms of value and SEO but in terms of visual readability, the more effective such content materials will ultimately be. 


Considerable Components for Upgrade 

Working with SEO experts who specialize in MSP content production can be ideal in helping you come up with the right balance of content and presentation. As you go about managing your content production, you’re going to want to look at multiple factors, which include: 


  • White space
  • Value-rich content
  • Content recommending itself to be shared
  • Content that is appropriately authoritative


When you are careful to incorporate such strategic considerations into your outbound marketing model, you’re a lot more likely to see operational success for your MSP business in the long-run. What makes sense is considering your current strategies and method of presentation and optimizing it for the most effective impact.   

Ravi Jain

Ravi Jain is the Chief Executive Officer for Technijian, with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Enterprise Software, HP Products, Storage, ITIL, and IT Service Management. <a href=" professional with a BS focused in Physics from University of California, Los Angeles. For over a decade, Technijian has strived to provide Fortune 500 IT Support in Orange County for the small to mid-size businesses. During this time our client base has grown from small office with less than 10 people to mid-size businesses with over 50 employees. We offer corporate wide Managed IT Services for Orange County clients with hotels all across the country as well as IT support for medical device startups here in Orange County. Regardless the size Technijian strives to deliver "Technology Support Your Way".