Managed Services Marketing: Epic Content to Win More Sales

managed services marketingIn the managed services marketing world, communications, marketing, and web teams have been increasingly upping the game with strategic use of content. Your IT business should embed content marketing into all your platforms, including your website. To make your communications more relevant, consider meeting with your marketing team and work together to identify the top trends and buyer behavior patterns that can influence how you use content marketing.

Authentic Content Marketing

When you strategically design and deploy your content using social media posts, blogs, vlogs and other content platforms, you engage your prospects with stories that inform and entertain. This engagement connects you to your audience in a positive, credible and trusting way.

As you create your content, be original and authentic, fine-tuning your stories to meet the needs of your buyers. Do your research, get to know them and talk to them about what matters. Once you can identify with your buyers, weave the services or products that you want to promote into your content.

Consistency Is the Key

When publishing your content, consistency is the key to your success. You have a very brief window to reach out to your audience. Just a few mistakes in terms of relevancy, transparency, and quality can cost you a qualifying lead or sale. A solid managed services marketing strategy for keeping all your posts consistent is vital for your ROI.

Focus on Engagement

It’s not enough just to provide content to your buyers. You have to engage them, as well. This is the goal of content marketing, whether you’re posting to social media or any other web outlet. To get the most engagement out of your efforts, respond to your prospects questions and comments immediately.

Take Content to the Next Level

Creating engaging content doesn’t just mean writing a blog post or article. People want to see, not just read. Videos and visual media attract more people and hold their interest. Making informative videos that help your audience solve problems will engage them much more than just the written word. Always include a comment section so you can explain any areas of the videos that your prospects don’t understand.

If you don’t have the time to create an informative video, at least include images in your content. Link the image to your website. Social media and blog posts with images or videos receive much higher rates of engagement, replies, and comments than just text. Your audience is more likely to watch a video and share it with others.

Therefore, remember that visual content is an essential part of business marketing strategies, combining increased engagement and sharing on mobile devices.

Regardless of the social media platforms or technologies you use for getting your content out to the world, you need to strategically create and deliver efficient, sustainable, engaging and relevant content. Your managed services marketing team has more ways than ever to promote your brand identity while communicating and engaging your buyers.


Lliam Holmes

Lliam’s experience in the IT industry spans over 25 years. He has served as a field tech, systems engineer, project manager, software developer and business consultant for FORTUNE 500 companies and many other businesses (including Nokia Cellular, NAPA Auto Parts, Eli Lilly, HGTV, Crozer-Keystone Hospitals, Bethco Inc., Optima Technologies and BravePoint), and chief executive officer. In 1995, Lliam founded MIS Solutions, Inc. in Suwanee, Ga., to help small Gwinnett County businesses leverage their technology to grow and achieve their goals. Today he architects Managed IT and Cloud Strategies strategies to help simplify technology, increase productivity and deliver a competitive edge for small companies in the Atlanta metro area plus they now provide local IT Services and IT Support in Orange County as they now have an Orange County IT Support office— this locations allows them to provide local IT consultant services to Los Angeles. In Addition, through the addition of affiliate offices in Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles Boston, Clarkston, Mass., and its partner network, MIS provides coverage in all 50 states. MIS Solutions is focused on helping companies with 10 to 150 computers on their network. We provide a fixed-fee approach to ensure that your network and technology "just work". Some of our core industries are insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, law firms and CPA's. MIS Solutions provides both on premise (in your office) and private cloud solutions. For more information about MIS Solutions, visit: or email me at: