Grow Your MSP Marketing Leads with Email Database Marketing

MSP marketingEmail campaigns are still the most effective way for your MSP marketing team to reach your customers and target audience. Email enhances your brand value, customer service, and satisfaction.

If you create lists based on updated customer data, communication history, clicks, opened emails and unsubscribes, then you’ll have greater success. More businesses are taking advantage of data email to increase revenue. In fact, according to Return Path and Ascend2, 91 percent of business executives use email for reaching their ROI and conversion objectives.

Gaining the Upper Hand with Data

Collecting data used to be exclusively for IT companies; but today, it’s the lifeblood for every email campaign. Capturing and analyzing consumer data is the driving force behind customer service, marketing, and sales leads. If your MSP marketing plan includes gaining insights from data sources, then you’ll have a competitive edge over your competitors. Blog posts from websites such as Timescale can help delve into this area of data, where collecting it can help with time-series forecasting for future assistance.

Database marketing gives you the upper hand in the following ways:

  • Increases revenue as your MSP company uses the data to develop new products and services that meet your customers’ needs.
  • Improves your sales because you can make educated decisions based on information about your buyers’ personae.
  • Helps create more successful marketing promotions through insights about your target audience.

Rising Popularity of Data Email Marketing

With the cost of traditional advertising, many businesses are looking at database email and behavioral based email as ways to increase their ROI. Unlike the old method of email blasters addressed to every conceivable audience, today’s MSPs are utilizing personalized emails created from consumer data and behavioral triggers. Personal emails give your audience a better user experience and drive leads, sales, and profits. According to the Direct Data and Marketing Association (DMA), 50 percent of consumers look forward to weekly emails.

Here are a few more statistics about data-driven email marketing from DMA:

  • 6.5 percent click rate compared to 1.6 percent from traditional campaigns
  • Mondays have the highest open rate at 13.3 percent and Fridays have the lowest
  • 30 percent of marketers give a 10 percent discount in the first welcome email
  • Most successful emails are those with personalized messages

How Data Enhances Email Effectiveness

When you gather information from data sets and lists, use it to reinforce the data you already have. You can then use the data for developing segmented audiences and buyers. When you segment your email subscribers, the relevant data adds value to their buyers’ personae and profiles. Once you build up enough targeted data, your email content will resonate with your readers on a personal level.

Given the track record of data-driven email marketing, your MSP marketing email campaign can bolster your profitability and growth. Collecting targeted data is the future of email marketing- providing insights that allow you to connect with your prospects, nurturing the buyer’s journey, and leading them to a purchasing decision. Email database marketing will help you keep your edge over the competition.

Herbert Olitsky

Herbert Olitsky is the founder of HOCS Consulting. A fast growing IT consultant firm based in New York City . HOCS Consulting provides IT services to clients in New York City and helps them choose, implement, and manage IT and cloud solutions that are cost effective and reliable. HOCS Consulting’s pro-active approach to IT support in New York City is ideally suited for companies who depend on reliable IT infrastructure, but don’t want to spend a lot of money to keep your IT services that way.