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Developing a Good MSP Company Culture Is Crucial for Employee Retention

MSP companyYour talented employees are the most important assets of your MSP company. This is why it’s so important to understand the workers who drive your business results. Retaining employees requires new thinking and flexibility in the workplace. Today’s workforce has greater expectations about what they want from a job than ever before, and most of it boils down to company values.

Focus on Company Culture

Your MSP company culture is the DNA of a positive work environment where the best of the best want to stay and perform. If you focus on core values of trust and honesty, then your employees will respond with loyalty. Be open and honest with them about your company’s strategic goals, and you’ll see better performance.

Your company culture should be one of honest, two-way communication with your employees. Most employees want a workplace that benefits both of you. If you want to keep your talent, make an effort to understand what you need from your staff and what your staff needs from you. When both of your needs align, then it strengthens loyalty all around.

Your employees need a culture of mutual respect rather than control. They want you to listen to their ideas and treat them as important contributors to your business. If you can interact with your employees in an authentic way, then you’ll find retention rates increase.

Harness Skills and Energies

To prevent your employees from becoming frustrated and bores, offer them more responsibilities. This helps keep their moral high, feeling satisfied with their work. This is especially true of millennials and the qualified Gen Z employees. They look toward more than just money, hoping to use their skills to contribute to the company and the world. Millennials grew up with technology. They want to use their IT skills to work smarter rather than harder.

Take advantage of their technological skills by offering them flexible schedules where they can work outside the office environment using their devices. This location flexibility enables your employees to enjoy better work-life balance, resulting in better performance.

Contribute to Employee Professional Development

The world of MSPs is ever evolving, so keeping the best talent is necessary for your growing business. Training your employees is another way to meet their professional needs and those of your business. By offering interactive training sessions, workshops, and training programs, it not only benefits your company, but it empowers your employees to face future challenges. This helps drive their motivation and enthusiasm.

Since everyone is different, it’s tough to keep all your MSP company employees happy. However, if you provide individualized motivations and incentives, you’ll get improved employee retention rates. Take the time to understand which incentives motivate them, and then you’ll see a positive impact on your workforce. Always let your workers know that they’re doing a great job. Offer them challenges and show genuine respect for their ideas, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble keeping the keepers.

Lliam Holmes

Lliam’s experience in the IT industry spans over 25 years. He has served as a field tech, systems engineer, project manager, software developer and business consultant for FORTUNE 500 companies and many other businesses (including Nokia Cellular, NAPA Auto Parts, Eli Lilly, HGTV, Crozer-Keystone Hospitals, Bethco Inc., Optima Technologies and BravePoint), and chief executive officer. In 1995, Lliam founded MIS Solutions, Inc. in Suwanee, Ga., to help small Gwinnett County businesses leverage their technology to grow and achieve their goals. Today he architects Managed IT and Cloud Strategies strategies to help simplify technology, increase productivity and deliver a competitive edge for small companies in the Atlanta metro area plus they now provide local IT Services and IT Support in Orange County as they now have an Orange County IT Support office— this locations allows them to provide local IT consultant services to Los Angeles. In Addition, through the addition of affiliate offices in Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles Boston, Clarkston, Mass., and its partner network, MIS provides coverage in all 50 states. MIS Solutions is focused on helping companies with 10 to 150 computers on their network. We provide a fixed-fee approach to ensure that your network and technology "just work". Some of our core industries are insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, law firms and CPA's. MIS Solutions provides both on premise (in your office) and private cloud solutions. For more information about MIS Solutions, visit: or email me at: