Developing a Win-Win MSP Sales Strategy

You have to make sure that you apply MSP sales strategies that facilitate advantageous outcomes for clients. When you provide true value, your clients can make more money, allowing them to buy more tech services and products from your MSP— everybody wins! The key is providing legitimate value. Doing that can be difficult, especially in terms of selling it to new prospects. These tips may help: 


  • Don’t be one-dimensional in negotiation
  • Understand prospect needs differ from yours
  • Avoid assuming you totally understand what’s necessary


Don’t Be One-Dimensional in Negotiation 

Don’t fixate on one selling point. A good MSP sales strategy involves fixing the prospect’s issue from multiple angles. Let’s say they’re looking to buy a device that’s $1.2k; they need 10 of these and they’ve got a $10k budget. Where’s the wiggle room? Is it in shipping costs? Activation fees? Service packages? You may be able to sell them what they want at a higher price than they intended, provided you add in some service. Expanding the warranty could do the trick. The point is— don’t just get stuck on one client contention. 


Understand Prospect Needs Differ from Yours 

What the client needs and what your MSP needs are never going to be exactly the same. You need to hit a certain level of profitability, they need a certain level of value. By understanding this reality, you’ll have an attitude better geared toward effecting a solution desirable for all parties. 


Avoid Assuming You Totally Understand What’s Necessary 

Sometimes, your clients will have needs you couldn’t anticipate. In fact, to some degree, every client will need something you didn’t expect. Be sure you don’t assume you already know everything about them just because you’ve served similarly situated customers in the past.  


Effective Selling 

Use an MSP sales strategy that is multi-dimensional. Anticipate differing client needs, don’t assume you know better than clients, and provide solutions everyone can be satisfied with.  

Ravi Jain

Ravi Jain is the Chief Executive Officer for Technijian, with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Enterprise Software, HP Products, Storage, ITIL, and IT Service Management. <a href=" professional with a BS focused in Physics from University of California, Los Angeles. For over a decade, Technijian has strived to provide Fortune 500 IT Support in Orange County for the small to mid-size businesses. During this time our client base has grown from small office with less than 10 people to mid-size businesses with over 50 employees. We offer corporate wide Managed IT Services for Orange County clients with hotels all across the country as well as IT support for medical device startups here in Orange County. Regardless the size Technijian strives to deliver "Technology Support Your Way".