MSP Business Tips: Making Initial Client Meetings More Successful

MSP businessYour MSP business needs to approach initial client meetings in a proactive, strategic way. You can certainly go about it without any prior strategy, but you’re not as likely to experience the success you seek. Here are four keys to a successful first meeting with any client:

  • Proper preparation
  • Understand the material
  • Speak the client’s language
  • Prove value

Proper Preparation

You need to do your homework. You need to understand who your clients are and where they’re coming from. You need to understand their operational issues, where they’re behind, where they’re ahead, and where they’re unique from their competitors. Once you have this data, you want to inform your initial presentation with it. If you have a “model” that you use to communicate value, plug in numbers which directly pertain to your prospective client; this helps them see the precise value of what you are offering.

Understand Your Presentation

It’s not enough to have slides which are informative in an order leading from introduction to conclusion. You need to understand the impact of the information you’re presenting. You additionally need to understand how your prospects are going to interpret your presentation and be able to change things up on the fly. Think of it this way: if you were a comedian on a stage, you could approach performance a few ways. You could write out a set, you could “wing” a set, or you could do a combination of both. You can write out a group of jokes, memorize them backwards and forwards, then transition between them on stage in accordance to how the audience responds. This final synthesis of both tactics is what defines the best comics. Likewise, in your MSP business, if you understand what you’re doing backwards and forwards, you’ll be able to adapt as you present if you need to. If you don’t need to, excellent! Either way, you’re better suited for the presentation when you fully understand what you’re presenting. You’re less likely to be caught out by a question. And in terms of tech presentations, that’s a big risk, as not all tech people have great speaking skills. You need to be prepared.

Speak the Client’s Language

In addition to having a keen understanding of the material, you need to prepare yourself to explain tech terms to the uninitiated. You’re going to have clients that understand technology better and those who don’t get it at all. Be prepared to render analogies and provide examples of successful deployments from existing customers.

Prove Value and Success

With these tactics, your ultimate goal is to show your clients how what you do will provide them with a value that justifies the cost of your services. If you’re providing services that are worth anything, they are going to make your clients more profitable. This return on investment should be at the heart of all messages you’re aiming to communicate, as it’s a lot more likely to produce conversion.

Increased Client Conversions

If your MSP business takes time to structure first client meetings in a strategic way, you are more likely to see profit through an increase in clientele. When presentations directly communicate to clients, they’re more likely to purchase services.

Jason Schmitt

Jason Schmitt

Jason Schmitt, founder and CEO of Technology Resource Advisors, Inc., graduated Summa Cum Laude from Bradley University in 1995 with a degree in Business Management. His IT industry experience includes 20+ years in IT Consulting in Milwaukee a consultative role for Private and Public sector clients. Always in search of ways to improve the client's IT Support experience in Milwaukee, Jason is active in several industry managed IT services Milwaukee groups in and IT Services Milwaukee business peer groups. Jason is responsible for Vision, Strategy, and Market Development at Technology Resource Advisors, Inc.