Maximizing Customer Feedback to Optimize Your MSP Business

What are People Saying? 

Your MSP business is providing services for a variety of clients. Because you’re providing such services, how you operate hinges on how you are perceived by your clientele. The goal is a positive perception of the solutions you provide; one that recommends itself to other potential clients you have yet to convert. Here are four areas of feedback you can use as resources to optimize your operations:  

  • Surveys
  • Social Media Surveillance
  • Analytical Examination
  • Online Reviews


Your MSP business can and should conduct surveys. Granted, this isn’t a comprehensive means of collecting actionable feedback as surveys require participation, and that takes time. Many users can’t be bothered even if they appreciate your services. Still, some will, and you can offer incentives for filling out surveys to help you round out your data. 

Social Media Surveillance 

Get into contact with existing and potential clients online. Pay attention to the buzz which pertains to your MSP. Sometimes, an issue that a client has is one that is easily fixable, but you didn’t an issue existed that required consideration. Social media provides you the opportunity to get unreserved opinions from clients. Certainly, there will be issues you can’t address, but there will be others you can. 

Analytical Examination 

Crunch the numbers. Which clients use which services? How much of certain provisions do your clients take advantage of? How long do you retain clients, and from which industries do they chiefly come? If you keep data wherever you can, you can collect some surprising insights that will help you to optimize.  

Online Reviews 

Here, again, is an area where you can use incentives to facilitate increased reviews. You’ll likely see these naturally as well, and they can help you determine how your clients see your business. 

Collecting Information and Adapting 

Your MSP business has many areas of operation from which client feedback can be harvested. Once you get some insight into how your MSP is being perceived, you can then take steps to fix issues and refine services for the greatest positive reception. 

Marc Bartholomew

Marc Bartholomew is the CEO and founder of Integritechs Technology Professionals, a Los Angeles based Technology support provider, offering a variety of managed IT services in Los Angeles to small businesses. Integritechs provides a wide array of IT solutions in the greater Los Angeles area, with an excellent service by aligning their goals with their customers: stable, reliable Los Angeles IT services, managing technology throughout its lifecycle, while controlling costs. Marc believes the best way to accomplish this is through regular, proactive management. Integritechs achieves this by encouraging scheduled visits and bundling everything their customer's needs into their managed services plans in los Angeles to keep their systems running smoothly.