Addressing Employee Disengagement in an MSP Business

MSP businessHow engaged are the current employees in your MSP business with the company? This might be a piercing and direct question, but the sooner you find the answer, the better the business is in the long-run. Employee disengagement is a widespread issue which surfaces in many clear and not so clear ways. It could be through a rising turnover rate or simply a lack of vitality in the way the company approaches current business and future goals. Knowing the common causes and potential risks of employee disengagement is a great step towards addressing it.

Causes and Risks of Disengagement

Employee disengagement is a result of the employees’ needs not being met, leading them to effectively ‘check out’. While they may choose to remain in the company, this lack of enthusiasm can negatively affect their performance and the company as a whole. When management loses sight of the needs of the workers and stifles the communication lines, employees know this and can get demoralized.

More specifically, it’s easy for employees in an MSP business to become disengaged when they feel that they are not valued, respected, and listened to. If their contributions seem insignificant and they don’t feel part of the bigger picture, they can also check out. Employees want to be part of a grand mission and to understand what the vision of the company is and what their role is. If they are not empowered and trusted to perform these roles and given feedback and support to thrive, they may choose to leave or remain in the company disengaged.

When management ignores the concerns of the employees, there are a number of ways the business can suffer. The breakdown in the employer-employee relationship can be detrimental to the company. The values that connect and jell the team together can disintegrate if those at the top don’t step in and find remediate action. Disengaged employees also perform their duties with less enthusiasm and less attention. They are less likely to connect with the company’s mission and contribute ideas and innovations that help businesses push forward. They may have good reason to stay, but their hearts are not there. This can put a dent in the level of customer service they provide, which is an integral part of an MSP as a service business. Finally, when your customers are not attended to as they desire, they may take their business elsewhere.

What You Can Do

Employee re-engagement is possible, but it may not happen overnight. Managers must carefully consider where the ball was dropped and begin to rebuild the values and culture of the MSP business. The communication lines and mutual respect must be re-established. Management must find ways to show that they value their employees and put in the necessary systems to empower them, equip them, and invest in their skills and development. Feedback and employee development plans are a vital part of helping employees know that they matter, they can be part of the future of the company, and be entrusted with more responsibility when the right time comes.

Nicholas Fortin

Nicholas Fortin is the President and Owner of Nexxen Technologies, which provides IT Support in West Palm Beach. With a wealth of experience in the IT Support and a very real sense of what it takes to run a successful business in Fort Lauderdale, he is the ideal person to help their clients achieve more through a more efficient use of technology. Nicholas is well versed in the management of computer networks, IT Infrastructure and Operations Services (IOS), as well as in IT services best practices for Boca Raton, due diligence, PCI-DSS, SOX, and HIPAA compliance. Nicholas is justifiably proud of his ability to establish and maintain excellent working relationships, not only with their clients and vendors but with his co-workers too. Their 98% customer retention rate is a source of pride to everyone on the Nexxen Technologies, Inc. team too!