Your MSP Company Can Help Customers Prevent File less Malware

msp companyThere are so many ways the security of a business can be compromised. In the recent years, we’ve seen the emergence of a new trend in the hacking space. Studies have found that what’s known as file less malware is taking over. Impossible to detect by most, this type of malware needs no hard drive and when executed, it can be all that a hacker needs to gain access to a bank or any other type of financial institution. It is your responsibility as your clients MSP company to make sure they understand this new risk so that you can help them prepare.

File less malware is, indeed, taking off. A study was recently done by Kaspersky Lab in Russia— they did research into just how common file less malware has become. What they found is that it’s now used in over 40 countries and continues to be a new favorite tool used by hackers for banks, financial institutions, government organizations, and more.

Understanding File less Malware

What’s so dangerous about file less malware is the way that it can take effect without detection from anything or anyone. Think of this type of malware as a piece of software. It can run right on the RAM of a computer. It doesn’t need to copy any files or folders into the hard drive— this makes it tough to be detected by any MSP company not prepared for it.

Because it runs its processes right on the RAM, it can do damage quickly. Because the malware runs on the RAM, it also makes it nearly impossible for any forensic expert to find out that the malware existed in the first place.

Control for Hackers

The goal when it comes to hackers is to gain control of computers. They’re looking to do things such as infiltrate banks, try and get control of ATMs, and steal as much money as they can. When they’re armed with something such as a file less piece of malware, their job becomes that much easier.

We’ve already seen these types of attacks strike enterprise networks around the world. Over 140 of them in total have already become victims of this kind of hack, and those numbers are only growing. As an msp company, it’s up to you to be sure that the businesses that hire you to secure their business are aware of these trends and are prepared to act.

Herbert Olitsky

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