Why You Should Make Storytelling Part of Your Managed Services Marketing

managed services marketingMarketing has changed over the years, taking on new channels and new strategies. One very effective strategy in managed services marketing is storytelling. There are many examples of modern companies that have been highly successful with this. By selling a story and not just a product or service, their marketing efforts have been able to resonate with and appeal to a larger audience.

What are You Selling?

As an MSP, although your products and services are in high demand, there is a lot of competition. You need to package and market your services in a way that speaks to your target customers. You must know what you’re good at and highlight those strengths. Your marketing materials must be able to clearly communicate your value proposition and why a company should choose your services over another.

How are You Selling It?

As important as the message you are trying to get across is, so is the method you choose to do it. Consumers have changed and are more interested in the backstory for the products that they purchase and the impact that the product has made to the lives of real people.

Storytelling is the new strategy at play, and if you can make it part of your managed services marketing, you can draw potential clients in. To do this, you must have clarity about your strategy:

  • Your stories should tell about who you are. Can you describe the history of your company and how it was established in an inspiring way? Do you have any insightful bits about the journey your founding partners or team have walked? The more personable and engaging your stories, the better.
  • Your stories should tell about what you do. What is your driving mission and key selling point? It could be that you pride yourselves in providing IT support across a wide range of industries or that you are specialized within the health or education sector, as an example.
  • Your stories should be engaging. People want to engage emotionally. If you can show how your brand is making a difference, this can really help to sell a potential client on your services. People relate to real stories, so consider reaching out to clients you have had to share a story or review of the services you provided. Reading about how you helped a startup entrepreneur with the innovate IT solutions they needed to springboard them to success can appeal to a business owner with similar goals.

Get Creative

There are many techniques being used to tell stories. Some of the ones you can consider to relay your message include using visually stimulating presentations and video and using customer-led storytelling. It’s an opportunity to get creative and revisit who you are as a company, what your vision is, and how you got to where you are. Think about the businesses that need your services and their greatest concerns and needs. If you can weave the real stories you have gathered in the course of your business into your managed services marketing, you can create that connection.

Todd Nielson

As Chief Strategy Officer I am responsible for the creation, communication, planning, execution, and success of strategic initiatives. I lead continual process improvement initiatives to increase profitability, manage and audit internal and external threats/controls for the long-term viability, sustainability, and protection of the organization. I am passionate about these duties since focusing on them will ultimately help us provider better IT Services in Tulsa, and the other markets we serve like , Springfield MO and Fayetteville AR. I analyze metrics to identify trends and produce financial, personnel, service, sales and other forecasts and improvement plans. I additionally identify strategic growth opportunities through industry, economic, geographic, and vendor analysis; and assist in the management and execution of internal projects and goals. The end result of getting everything right translates into transforming JMARK in to the Premier IT support provider in Tulsa, and the other markets we serve like Springfield MO and Fayetteville AR! I also lead JMARK into becoming early adopter of the true flat rate managed services model in Tulsa and the other markets we serve like Springfiled MO and Fayeetteville AR. This has allowed JMARK to become more proactive at eliminating most networking issues before they create problems for our clients.