Choose Attitude over Aptitude When Hiring for Your MSP Company!

MSP companyAlthough it’s important to know the background, experience, and knowledge of your MSP company recruits, it’s even more essential to know their natural potential. Observing the attitude of your job candidates during an initial interview gives you an idea of what’s below the surface.

Attitude can make or break the success of your employees. It’s all about their values, beliefs, dreams, and passions, not just knowledge and education. If your employees can’t relate to the rest of your staff, then no matter how much knowledge they have, they’ll have trouble being top performers.

The Power of Attitude over Aptitude

Every person is special, but it’s the attitude each one displays in specific situations and circumstances that make a difference. Whether interacting with a team or dealing with problems individually, how a person reacts to the situation dictates the success of the solutions. The more your employees’ heart and soul are poured into the job, the more benefits your MSP company will see.

A positive attitude is contagious, resulting in a positive workplace. When your staff chooses a focused and positive attitude, it keeps them motivated, enthusiastic, and passionate about their careers. They can always learn the skills they need to do the job, but attitude is an innate quality that can’t be taught. Even if members of your staff have the intelligence to complete tasks, but they don’t feel good about what they do, then they’ll become dissatisfied and underperform.

Getting a Feel for Genuine Attitude

When you’re conducting interviews for open positions in your company, follow these tips for recognizing the genuine attitude of your candidates. Concentrate on making connections and discovering the true characters of the people you interview:

  • Watch expressions – Look for a genuine expression in the eyes.
  • Study body language – Watch for the way your candidate holds his or her arms. Rather than crossing the arms, open arms show warmth and self-confidence.
  • Listen to voice tone – After a few minutes of conversation, you should be able to tell if a person is positive, enjoyable to be around and appropriate for your business.
  • Recognize word use – The words people use to communicate reveal their emotional attitudes. Recognize the use of positive and negative words to analyze the predominant attitude of the person you’re interviewing.
  • Ask questions – If you’ve looked for all the signs of a positive attitude and you’re still not sure about it, delve deeper with questions. Ask questions about the candidate’s goals and dreams. These types of questions rely on genuine emotions for the answers, so you don’t have to guess at the authenticity of the person’s attitude.

Keep in mind that one person with a bad attitude can disrupt your entire MSP company workplace. The person might be brilliant and know the business inside out, but working around them can result in anger, resentment, and defensiveness in your other employees and customers. When searching for job recruits or developing sales teams, look for positive attitudes that are contagious and make everyone believe that anything is possible. Good attitudes are the basics for success both for the salesperson, the customer, and your company.

Lliam Holmes

Lliam’s experience in the IT industry spans over 25 years. He has served as a field tech, systems engineer, project manager, software developer and business consultant for FORTUNE 500 companies and many other businesses (including Nokia Cellular, NAPA Auto Parts, Eli Lilly, HGTV, Crozer-Keystone Hospitals, Bethco Inc., Optima Technologies and BravePoint), and chief executive officer. In 1995, Lliam founded MIS Solutions, Inc. in Suwanee, Ga., to help small Gwinnett County businesses leverage their technology to grow and achieve their goals. Today he architects Managed IT and Cloud Strategies strategies to help simplify technology, increase productivity and deliver a competitive edge for small companies in the Atlanta metro area plus they now provide local IT Services and IT Support in Orange County as they now have an Orange County IT Support office— this locations allows them to provide local IT consultant services to Los Angeles. In Addition, through the addition of affiliate offices in Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles Boston, Clarkston, Mass., and its partner network, MIS provides coverage in all 50 states. MIS Solutions is focused on helping companies with 10 to 150 computers on their network. We provide a fixed-fee approach to ensure that your network and technology "just work". Some of our core industries are insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, law firms and CPA's. MIS Solutions provides both on premise (in your office) and private cloud solutions. For more information about MIS Solutions, visit: or email me at: