Why Problem Solving is Key to MSP Marketing Success

MSP marketingIt is often said that the most valuable members of any MSP marketing team are those who solve problems. These professionals are constantly on the prowl to fix and improve things. Such workplace superstars are obstacle-crushers who will tackle just about any challenge regardless of its difficulty.

Your company needs problem solvers as the IT industry is centered on solving problems. The services being sold solve client problems. The sales staff explains how this occurs and sell the merits to the prospect. At its core, sales are about pinpointing one’s needs, showing how a service can help, and convincing the prospect to convert into a paying customer.

Services and Products are Created to Solve Problems

Take a look at the products and services around you. You will likely find the vast majority are created to solve challenges of varying sorts. The pain point spurs the invention of the product or service that provides the remedy. Yet today’s clients have plenty of service providers to choose from with similar solutions. Sales professionals often make the difference between two services that are otherwise fairly equal.

If a sales professional can communicate how a service solves problems better than other services, there will stand a good chance of winning the prospect’s business. This is precisely why sales professionals must understand the nuances of their services. Furthermore, the best salespeople are willing to analyze their prospects to boot. If the sales professional can identify a unique way in which the service can solve a prospect’s problems, he or she will likely be able to convert that prospect into a paying client.

People buy Convenience and Solution as Opposed to Products

There is a common misconception that people buy products. It is better to think of people purchasing solutions to problems rather than seeking out those actual products. An MSP marketing sales professional who is excellent at what he or she does can sell something to an individual who does not actually need or desire it. This is a testament to the fact that people purchase solutions instead of products.

Salespeople are looking for a remedy above all else. In fact, some sales professionals can even figure out new and creative ways to solve prospects’ problems those individuals did not even know they had. This is accomplished by asking the proper questions, learning about the prospect’s challenges and analyzing/communicating the service’s nuanced merits to show it is indeed worth the asking price. If this is accomplished in an artful manner, the sales professional will undoubtedly enjoy considerable success. 

View Each Challenge as an Opportunity to Provide a Solution

Sales success boils down to one’s attitude. A proactive approach really does have the potential to separate sales stars from failures. A firm belief that there is a legitimate solution is what drives sales superstars. These professionals are looking to find the solution and apply it to others. These are the “rainmakers” you should use as benchmarks to judge your sales team against. They are willing to endure challenges in order to grow and ultimately realize their full potential.

Elite sales professionals are the people-oriented problem solvers that are necessary to bring your sales team to the next level. They even know that the initial problem might not actually be the true source of the problem. True sales gurus are capable of applying their critical thinking skills to study and redefine what the problem actually is.

Embrace Problem Solving to Catalyze Your Sales

It is clear that your MSP marketing efforts must focus on solving problems. Convince your sales team to adopt a proactive approach, stress the problem-solving nature of what they are selling and it will not be long until your business enjoys a spike in sales.

Frans Trisnadi

Frans Trisnadi is the President and CEO of Intelecis, a thriving, business tech-focused, and proactive IT services firm in Los Angeles, CA. Frans is frequently invited to share his expertise on the crucial topic of IT services in Orange County to large group of professionals in the escrow, healthcare, insurance and financial services industries. He helps his clients and peers envisioning a bigger picture of themselves. Frans spends his day-to-day activities on helping businesses, mostly government contractors and or minority-owned business, secure their data and manage their technology with the help of IT support in Orange County so they can focus on growing their business. Intelecis has been around since 2010 and has amassed a large number of long-term clients who year after year put their trust in them.