MSP Marketing Tips to Help Make Your Brand More Memorable Than the Rest

MSP marketingStanding Out

MSP marketing must do one thing above all else: be memorable for the right reasons to the right people. Certainly, being generally memorable is fine, but you want to be remembered for the right reasons. Otherwise, you could become operational anathema. You also want to be remembered positively by the right people because if they’re not going to buy your products or services, what’s the point? You want to be so distinctive that your brand can register as a trademark. If you can get trademark status, consider the benefits:

  • Exclusiveness
  • Being more noticeable to the public
  • Preventing similar businesses from infringing on you
  • Legal protections
  • Perpetual rights
  • Increased value of business


MSP marketing under a trademarked brand will have an exclusive right for use of the brand, including promulgation of associated products and services, throughout the region where said brand characterizes a market player. This can help eliminate competition and expedite profit.

Being More Noticeable to the Public

When you’ve got your brand trademarked, it’s easily searchable online. This both increases your visibility to the public, and it simultaneously lends legitimacy to the products and services you provide. Perceivable legitimacy is likely to lead to increased conversion over time, in a way that makes the trademark process pay for itself— potentially.

Preventing Similar Businesses from Infringing on You

If your brand is a registered trademark, another can’t register a brand that is essentially exactly the same or similar enough to cause confusion among your clients. This can help prevent your business from being undermined by fraud, which, in terms of cybercrime, is especially pernicious throughout the tech community. The last thing you want is some cybercrime startup latching onto your brand and deigning to represent it, so they can steal clients and exploit them.

Legal Protections

If you do encounter some shyster trying to pass themselves off as you, you’ve got legal recourse. This protects your business, as well as the community in which you operate.

Perpetual Rights

If you review registration at the necessary intervals, you can maintain a trademark perpetually. The reason there’s a limitation is because businesses don’t always last as long as those who started them envisioned. Provided you’re always “Johnny-on-the-spot” when it comes to renewal, you’ll be able to keep your trademark as long as you (or your heirs) want.

Increased Value of Business

If you’re a trademarked operation, that indicates that you’re legitimate. Doing so also costs you a little bit, which drives your MSP to mature its investment. Marketing budgets are likely to expand as those who pay for trademarks seek to get the greatest worth from them.


Getting a registered trademark is a means to make you so distinctive that you deserve the moniker. To that end, you’ve got a few strategies you can employ.

For one, you can just make something up. If you’ve got an MSP, you might make a pun that uses letters and numbers, like T3CHEE, or something of the kind. KODAK is an example of this; you’re likely familiar with this name. You can do the same kind of thing. However, you’ve got to be careful here: with the internet, you want your MSP visible enough to be found incidentally. A name that’s easier to “latch onto” may be strategically viable.

You can also go the “arbitrary” route. Apple is an “arbitrary” trademark— there’s no fruit in a Mac! Maybe your business will be Elysium or something of the kind. It can be more expensive to go the arbitrary route, but if you market this right, bridging the concept and your business, you’ll likely see requisite investment return.

There is also the “descriptive” approach and the “suggestive” approach. Descriptive brands are named in a way that sort of tells what the business does. As an MSP, “Technology Specialists” might be one of these. A suggestive trademark insinuates service, like “Total Solutions” or something similar.

Trademarked Marketing

MSP marketing that moves brands into trademark territory is going to increase the weight of a given company’s name and their perceived legitimacy. Be careful to go through proper channels to legally secure your brand.


Herbert Olitsky

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