Lessons Your MSP Business Can Learn from “The Blind Side”

MSP businessThere are considerable lessons your MSP business can learn from “The Blind Side”. In this film, a true story is retold through Hollywood lenses. Certainly, the reality is obscured in aesthetic production conventions.

Truth and Reality

As any film does, certain characters’ roles are expanded, diminished, or fabricated to please audiences. Sometimes several years are condensed into a month’s time, sometimes several real-life influences are amalgamated into a single character. However, there are some details of the film which ring true.

Michael Oher, the real person who inspired the film, had a passion for football, long before Sandra Bullock came into the picture; that’s one thing the film changed. Still, it’s a rousing story of overcoming difficulties and fulfilling potential, and it’s worth a watch. Accordingly, some of the lessons you can learn from Oher’s story include:

  • Situations don’t define people, people define situations
  • If you keep pushing yourself, you’ll likely see improvements
  • Avoid becoming stagnant

Situations Don’t Define People, People Define Situations

In real life, and the film, Oher came from a tough situation but overcame it with willpower and the help of good influences. But you don’t need “The Blind Side” to see how true the idea of people defining situations is. People can overcome the harshest situations and thrive. For example, there is a permanent station in Antarctica; Russia exists; do you need more examples? Though the south pole or Siberia should defeat humanity, instead humanity rises to meet the challenge. With your MSP business, the same holds true. You may be a startup breaking ground in a competitive atmosphere, but you can overcome. Never forget that.

If You Keep Pushing Yourself, You’ll Likely See Improvements

If you ask, you’ll get an answer – or what you were looking for. If you are seeking things, provided you are diligent, you are likely to find them. If you try to improve, the likelihood is—you will. In “The Blind Side”, Oher is pushed by Bullock to maximize his potential. You can do the same with your MSP. Think of it like hitting the gym. If you go on a regular basis and continually push yourself, at the right intervals, you’ll definitely see improvement over time. It’s the same with your MSP. Seek to develop, seek to expand, and seek to optimize. Make improving your business a core aspect of your operational model. Doing so is likely to yield the results you’re looking for, provided you keep at it.

Avoid Becoming Stagnant

This is the most important factor in defining your business’s situation, and seeing improvement over time. It was difficult for Oher to keep up with his intentions, but he managed. You’ve got to do the same. Stagnancy lurks, and if you just get into a generalized “grind”, you’re more likely to tread water in a non-profitable way. You need to mix things up, and you need to constantly stoke the fires of ambition. Once you hit one goal, you want to set one that is very high and will require hard work to attain. Also, you need to keep an eye on marketing, sales, tech, engineering, secretarial, and all other personnel who “crew” the vessel (your business).

If you leave a man on the ropes too long while crossing the high seas, he will become tired. Not relieving him could compromise your vessel. Likewise, you need to shuffle people around internally at strategic intervals to avoid complacency. It’s easy to get bored, and as fascinating as technology is, the day-to-day grind can be absolute mush. Anticipate this, and overcome it.

Solid Operations

An MSP business that avoids stagnation and pushes for improvement has an increased likelihood of overcoming even the most difficult situations. You will have financial, competitive, and accidental setbacks. An attitude that always perseveres will be essential to overcoming them.

Jason Schmitt

Jason Schmitt, founder and CEO of Technology Resource Advisors, Inc., graduated Summa Cum Laude from Bradley University in 1995 with a degree in Business Management. His IT industry experience includes 20+ years in IT Consulting in Milwaukee a consultative role for Private and Public sector clients. Always in search of ways to improve the client's IT Support experience in Milwaukee, Jason is active in several industry managed IT services Milwaukee groups in and IT Services Milwaukee business peer groups. Jason is responsible for Vision, Strategy, and Market Development at Technology Resource Advisors, Inc.