Building Strength Among Team Members is Crucial for Your MSP Business

Proven Techniques

MSP businessYour MSP business needs to have a strong, self-assured team conducting operations. Strong teams make strong companies. When an individual understands his or her strengths, and that management has put them in a specific position as a result of those strengths, they’re more likely to make assured, effectual decisions on a regular basis. The more strength you foster, the stronger your overall business becomes. Doing as much among your staff may take a little effort initially but keep at it and you’ll find a “cruising” altitude. From there, increasing the development of new as well as existing customers will simply be your operation’s regular practice. Accordingly, following are several tips to help you foster strength among employees:

Name Employee Strengths

Your MSP business can’t foster strengths among employees if you don’t know what those strengths are. Unfortunately, many employees don’t themselves realize what their true strengths are, and sometimes must have them pointed out. If you want to help them flourish, you’ll need to draw those strengths out. See where they excel in reference to other members of the team. Check their resume to see if any hidden skills jump out apart from those listed, or if there is some listed skill that has yet to be employed in operations. Once you know the strengths of your employees, name those strengths, and make it apparent that your intention is to encourage those strengths.

Properly Hone Individual Strengths Toward Larger Team Goals

Your team may be likened to a conglomeration of Tetris blocks from the popular Russian-made eighties video game. You’ve got to figure out which “blocks” fit where to hit production goals which advance your operation forward. When you find the strengths of your team, next you’re looking to apply those strengths to operations. The use of strength fosters more strength. The man who works out becomes able to work out harder, and longer, as his body acclimates to increasing loads of stress or weight. The body of your business will become stronger as you more appropriately aim the use of employee strengths.

When Assigning Projects, Appropriately Disseminate

You want to ensure that employees are working on projects which match their skill sets. You don’t want the guy in marketing doing some coding job, and you don’t want a software engineer handling any PR. You want the right Tetris “blocks” in the right “spot” or you’ll have empty space and could lose the game. Send the right staff to the right projects.

Perpetuate Strength Training Exercises

It’s not enough just to use organic means through general operations to foster strengths. You additionally want to ensure employee strengths are being fostered when there are no available projects. Muscles which aren’t used lose their toughness, and so their associated mass. Eventually, progress turns to regress. The strongest team will implode if it isn’t put to some regular task. The same is true with armies. Military leaders know that it is fundamentally integral for them to ensure their men are regularly busy with something for the sake of both sanity and discipline. Always have internal projects available which don’t deal with clients. You want employees to build strength through exercises that simultaneously facilitate your business’s profitable success.  

Your MSP business must contend with competitors, it must contend with economic flux, technological innovation, good employees, bad employees, good clients, bad clients, and the unexpected. If you don’t juggle these things correctly, you’ll fall behind. But it is certainly a lot to juggle! What you want to do is find all areas where some optimization can reduce operational complication. Building employee strengths can really help do that and has the added effect of positively empowering your workers toward the greatest success.

Patricia Harris

Patricia Harris is a transformational leader with an extensive background in business development, marketing, and information technology. She has utilized strong leadership capabilities to drive measurable business results to the organizations she has lead and extensive cross-department collaboration. Her blend of marketing and information technology expertise in complex international environments brings unique value in today’s high-tech marketing environment. Currently she is bringing all this marketing experience to help Xlingshot become the number one IT services provider in Denver. Her goal is to help outperform every other managed IT services firm in the Denver market with her innovative and proven marketing techniques. Her expertise includes: Business Development Leadership  Product Launch  New Global Market Entry  Business & Market Planning  Market Research & Analysis Multi-Channel Development  Partner Relationships & Marketing  Channel Strategy Development  Sales Team Leadership  Direct Sales Experience Marketing Leadership  Solution Marketing  Demand Generation  International Marketing  Digital & Social Media SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS * Global leader, managing team members across multiple geographies, disciplines, and backgrounds * Proven track record for integrating diverse groups for successful implementation of company initiatives * Results-oriented management style, with extensive international marketing experience * 10 years of strategic leadership of new global market entry and product launch * Over 18 years of experience in marketing and business development with proven successful track record * 6 years of experience in the IT Support function in Denver, creating a unique blend of technology and marketing skills KEY ACHIEVEMENTS AND RECOGNITION * 48% uplift in employee satisfaction scores within 1 year leading the organization * Top 1-2% of top performers at SAP, designated as a “high potential” employee * 212% increase in product-line unit sales at JD Edwards * Awarded “Contributor of the Quarter” and Annual “Energizer” award for Outstanding Performance at Qwest